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A la naturale – curls are the big hair trend we’re whole-heartedly embracing

Curly hair 2021

2021 is shaping up to be a big year for hair trends. Gone are the plain, blunt cut from yesteryear. Now it's all about fringes, curtain bangs and 70s-style layers.

One of the biggest trends we're embracing with open arms is the return of the curl. As we look towards our hair muses -like the French - for inspiration, we see that embracing your natural hair is the mood of the moment. Enjoy the coils, twists and turns that naturally happen when you air dry your locks - don't straighten them away.

We spoke to Jaye Edwards, founder of Edwards & Co for his tips and tricks on nailing the curly hair trend in 2021. His advice? Keep it natural and always remember to hydrate.


Would you say that curls are one of the trending hair looks for 2021?

Yes, absolutely. In 2020 I loved seeing my clients begin to embrace their natural curls and coils, opting for low maintenance styling, a trend that I predict will explode into 2021. It was great to see people moving away from heat styling and learning how to define and manage their natural curls with a more organic approach.


What your advice on how to get this look if your hair is straight? Will we see a return of the perm?

It's all about the products and tools, however I think the key to this look is working with your natural hair, rather than against it. I see a lot of clients who actually have curlier hair than they realised. Techniques like air drying and diffusing are great for discovering your natural waves and curls.


For anyone rocking curls, what's the best or 'trendiest' cut right now?

I am loving curly bangs and fringes. When it comes to curly fringes, long, 70's-style bangs are your best bet. Shorter bangs can be a lot harder to control.


Do curls need a different kind of hair care?

Curly hair needs to be cut dry in its natural pattern, this allows stylists to find its natural shape and work with it, adding bounce and definition. Styling natural curls at home comes down to hair health. My top tip for healthy curly hair is hydration, hydration, hydration! Curls will always sit frizzy when dry, depending on how fine, corse, wavy or tight your hair is will determine how heavy you need to go with your products. Also, shine! Dull, dry hair won’t reflect as much light and will make the curl frizzier.



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What's something you wish more people knew about maintaining or caring for curls?

I think the key to great curls is knowing your curls. The best way to categorise your curl pattern is by letting your hair dry naturally and checking out a 2A-4C curl type chart online, there’s hundreds available if you have a quick Google search. I would suggest washing your hair, combing in the conditioner, rinsing and scrunching your hair dry naturally. See how much it bounces in its most natural form and go from there. When you know your hair type, there is endless information online for best products and styling tips, you can also work with your hairstylist in salon to help you categorise your curl.

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