RUSSH Loves: Beauty favourites from February

As we watch summer in Australia slowly wind down, we're taking stock of our makeup, reviewing our skin routines and looking out for what's new in body and hair.

Another big month for new loves and revamped favourites, below see our favourite products in beauty for February.



Santa Maria Novella After Sun Lotion

This soothing cream is the perfect accoutrement to a day soaking up the sun. It's nourishing owing to the glycoin but it also has added extracts from pomace and Italian red grapes. I normally steer away from fragranced products but the delicately, soft scent of the florally Santa Maria Novella Vespro in this cream is rather irresistible.



Youth to the People 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum

Vitamin C serums can be very hit and miss, but I'm pleased to say this is a hit. It has a shelf life of one year, which is amazing for an plant-based product. Normally, we can expect about three to six months. Plus, the bottle block almost 100% of UV so the vitamin C stays nice and stable. The added caffeine helps to lift and brighten and encourage hydration in the skin. All in all, this is a fabulous vitamin C serum if you want a high percentage. It ticks just about every box.



La Mav Organic Beauty Tea

I am currently drinking a cup of La Mav Brightening Beauty tea as write this. I've been drinking about two to three cups a day since this landed on my desk. It's absolutely delicious and has a tonne of fabulous skincare benefits. But I'd probably drink it even if it didn't, it's so yummy. Five stars.



KMS Moist Repair Cleansing Conditioner

A solution to the problem presented by a string of beach days. You don't really want to wash your hair every single time you go for a swim, but you don't want to put your salty, sandy head on your clean sheets either. Enter KMS's Moist Repair Cleansing Conditioner, a product that will remove the sand from your scalp without stripping your hair dry. Make sure it's in your luggage next time you take a beach holiday. Your hair will thank you.



Jurlique Rose Body Oil

I'm endlessly a fan of beauty products infused with rose. Since roses have roughly the same pH as our skin, it's an excellent ingredient to help balance and protect the skin barrier. This glorious, silky oil is light-weight and melts into your skin. It's incredibly nourishing and smells divine.



Morphe Hint Hint Skin Tint

As some who prefers a sheer foundation, I am always looking to find something that can rival Glossier's Skin Tint. Morphe's Hint Hint Skin Tint certainly gives this products a run for its money. It has a touch more coverage and is rather buildable, so don't go too crazy with how much you apply if you do want to keep it sheer. But generally, this is a fabulous second-skin-like foundation that will colour correct but not hide your skin.



Bite Beauty Upswing Full Volume Mascara

Not all mascaras are created equal and this one is definitely a step above. The hourglass-shaped brush means you don't smear mascara all over the line of your lid. Overly wet formulas do nothing for my incredibly straight lashes, but the slight tackiness of the formula means your lashes will hold a curl.



Ole Henriksen Lemonade Smoothing Scrub

I know many people are against physical exfoliants, but I disagree. Physical exfoliants and scrubs still have their place in skincare routine - as long as the exfoliating particles are not evil plastic microbeads! Ole Henriksen's Lemonade Smoothing Scrub is a mixture of both a sugar scrub with a chemically exfoliating AHA complex. I feel like a new person whenever I use this product. It's especially lovely to use if you've had a full face of makeup on for a little too long. It helps to get all the dirt out of your pores.



innisfree Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule Mist

I go through face mists like they're going out of style. This one is a little different from the others I've tried in that its specifically designed to be used at night. It's extremely fine and contains a moisturising agent to instantly hydrate. I love using it as either a toner or over the top of my nightly skincare to make sure everything soaks in.



Clarins Velvet Cleansing Milk

This nourishing and caring cleanser is just about one of the most gentle products I've come across. If you have reactive skin, here is your cleanser. It's fragrance-free and infused with soothing lemon balm.



Ciaté Everyday Vacay Setting Spray

I love anything and everything that smells like coconut, so this makeup setting spray of course is a favourite. It really does smell like a beachy vacation. But my favourite thing is the way it finishes your skin. With my oil skin, I am not a fan of a dewy finish. But I don't want to look dry and powdery either. This spray sets everything place, without adding too much moisture to the skin. A very happy medium, especially in summer.



Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex

The latest creation from Vida Glow. You've heard about ingestible collagen, but now there's ingestible hyaluronic acid. It's a special treatment tonic for those with dry skin, seasonal skin changes, disrupted skin from travel and issues from harsh topicals. It has 100 mg of low-weight hyaluronic acid to help replenish the water-binding molecule, enhance skin moisture levels and fight water loss.



Sarah Chapman Skinesis Facialift massager

This self-massaging tool has been designed to mimic the lymphatic drainage skinesis massage Sarah Chapman is known for. Roll across your face for reduced puffiness and reduced muscular tension. I've found it makes a big difference to reducing the under-eye lines that appear when I'm stressed.



Davines This is a Blow Dry Primer

A formula designed to prep and prime your hair, ready for a blow dry. It offers the necessary heat protection you need when using hot tools plus it add a tonne of shine to your strands. And if you're a curly girl like me, you'll love the humidity protection.


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