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Here’s how to get the French-girl hair looks you’ve been coveting on Instagram

Brigitte Bardot

It's hard to put your finger on exactly why French-girl style is so covetable. But it is. From the effortless beauty looks to the stunning interior designs, the secret to 'Frenchness' is one we all wish to crack.

Our latest source of envy, French-girl hair. It's in part inspired by the subtle beauty of Camille from Emily in Paris and part driven by the fresh faces we saw on the streets of Paris Fashion Week. The undone elegance of Parisienne hair has a  Je Ne Sais Quoi we wish we could capture and bottle.

Since that's not exactly possible, we've found the next best thing. We spoke to Virginie Gayssot, the head of education and talent manager at French salon Franck Provost. She answered all our questions on how to get the enviable French-hair look. Her advice? Keep it simple and keep it natural.


What's the first step towards getting the enviable Parisienne hair look?

Keep your hair as healthy and natural as much as possible, French girls tend to avoid anything too overdone or stiff - so use minimal product/hairspray and embrace second day hair. French women also tend to focus more on the quality of their hair rather than the style.


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Are there any cuts or colours to look for? Or ones to avoid?

In terms of cuts/colours heading into Summer balayage is the way to go. Franck Provost himself was one of the pioneers of balayage (which means 'too sweep' in French) and all Franck Provost hairdressers are extensively trained in this area.

Balayage is part of their DNA and they have even exclusively designed their own bristle brush – the Franck Provost Balayage 2Ors brush – which they use along with a regular freehand technique to apply the colour allowing the balayage to blend seamlessly.

In terms of anything to avoid my number one tip would be to find a style that flatters your face shape and avoid trends.


What would you say is the secret to effortless, French-girl hair?

French women know how to take care of their hair.

Franck Provost has a signature *DIAMOND* service that combines toner and a mask perfect for when you want your balayage/colour to look fabulous for weeks on end. They also tend to avoid over-washing their hair which can strip colour and your hair's natural oils.


Is there anything French women would never do to their hair?

French women tend to avoid hot tools and never flat iron their hair - they love bounce, movement and texture. They also tend to experiment less, once they find their signature style they tend to stick with it! And they always consult a professional before cutting or colouring.


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Image: Brigitte Bardot, 1966