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5 reasons why Camille is the undercover style icon of ‘Emily in Paris’

Camille Emily In Paris Best Outfits

If you’ve spent even a single day scouring the internet, you’ve undeniably stumbled across the hype that is Emily in Paris. Regardless of whether you fall into the category of critic or fan, one thing we can all agree on is that Emily’s bold and over-the-top approach to dressing is a touch… chaotic. While we could spend hours dissecting the number of sartorial blunders committed by the young marketing exec, what we should be drawing our attention instead to the real style icon of Darren Star’s latest series – Camille.

Camille, played by French actress and model, Camille Razat, stumbles into Emily’s new Parisian life the same way she approaches her fashion; effortlessly. The blonde beauty who portrays the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Emily’s neighbour and future love-interest, Gabriel, embodies French minimalism in its purest form. The innate ability to make a palette of neutrals and black look interesting – Camille has it in spades.

Although there are plenty of style notes we won’t be taking from Emily in Paris, Camille’s sophisticated and balanced fashion choices have not gone unnoticed. From her perfectly tailored blazers, undoubtedly French approach to beauty and every moment in-between, here are five reasons why Camille is the true fashionista of Emily in Paris.


Impeccable tailoring

From the moment we’re first introduced to Camille, we’re reminded of one of the many things the French do well. Tailoring. Her perfectly oversized black blazer instantly overshadows Emily’s vibrant fuchsia coat – reinforcing the age-old expression that less, is always more.



Mindful accessorising

Unlike Emily and her ex-pat friend Mindy, Camille accessorises her outfits in a much more considered way. Her choices are playful, but never overdone; adding touches of colour and texture in subtle ways. Think Western-inspired boots, a single neck scarf and a perfectly placed newsboy cap to offset her platinum blonde locks.


The French way

Camille Emily in Paris

French women certainly know a thing or two about beauty and Camille is no exception. Her dewy, minimalist makeup and naturally tasselled locks exude an effortless sense of glamour that only the French can seem to master.


The art of layering

One of her most memorable looks of the series, Camille has mastered the art of layering, pairing a wardrobe staple – the tartan mini dress – with a sheer, puff sleeve blouse. The 90s inspired piece is courtesy of See By Chloé, though you may have to go on a deep internet search to hunt one down.


Modern take on the classics

Camille’s ultimate fashion power-play is knowing how to take classic pieces and give them a modern spin – like this cropped, chocolate blazer. Keeping the colour choice simple allows her to experiment with cut and fit. Well played Camille, well played.


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