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Return of the fringe – here are the hair trends you can expect in 2021

As we slowly bid farewell to the year that was 2020, we're looking forward to see what the new year will bring. And although it's not exactly the most pressing issue, we're always ready to hear what new trends we'll see.

Here, we're looking into the realm of hair. 2020 was an interesting one, with bobs, lobs and blunter cuts reigning supreme. But will it continue? We connected with Kim Haberley, founder and owner of Boho Blonde to find out more about the trends of the new year. Here's what you can expect to see in hair in 2021 according to Kim.


What do you think will be the biggest trends in hair colour in 2021?

2020 and the pandemic saw a lot of home colour experimentation (insert Brad Mondo reaction vid). I think in 2021 people will take a step back and embrace low-maintenance colours which many were forced to adopt due to lockdown and salon closures. Next year will see Aussie babes bringing back beachy, textured and golden blonde hues that accentuate their natural roots!


What about in cuts?

Bobs and blunt cuts have been phasing out in 2020. I predict the return of layers and face framing fringes! A modern, sexy 70s style with subtle (or extreme) layers to give the hair body and movement will be the hot new trend of 2021.


What do you think is the most flattering style? What's your favourite?

My favourite hair style would have to be a good, signature beachy-boho curl. This is an ICONIC and timeless style that has come back to the forefront of trends time-and-time again. Plus, it looks effortless and flattering on everyone!


What about maintenance? How can we balance trends and easy care?

The key is to find a trend that is low maintenance. Think extended roots, or bright face framing!


What's the one hair trend you never want to see again?

The red two tone - no thank-you.


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