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Foundation-free is how summer should be, and this new beauty hack has completely changed our approach

tiktok rainbow contour

There's no denying that beauty TikTok has exploded in the last year. It has become the new norm to check in with the generational zeitgeist to see where the next wave of simple beauty hacks are coming from. Turns out, the days of the perfectly sculpted, drawn in contour are gone. In our fifteen second world, time is of the essence and opting for quick glam takes precedence. Enter the rainbow contour, a TikTok trend piggy backing off of the sunscreen colour theory made famous earlier on the app.  The idea of which is if you dab sunscreen in places where the sun usually hits you'll be adorned with a natural contour, a simple and effective glow for days!


How do you nail the rainbow contour TikTok beauty hack?

In this case, the breakdown of the look is very simple. Made viral by TikTok beauty influencers @rikkisandhu and @serenalakkiss the technique involves outlining the face with contour, concealer and cream blush giving the appearance of a rainbow across the cheekbones, jawline, nose and forehead. The look is then finished off with a spritz of setting spray and blended out seamlessly with a damp beauty blender. While many viewers have gone down the premium beauty brand route to trial this look, the focus for most has been on using more cost effective approaches. With many on TikTok opting to try it out using favourites like Elf, Nyx and even our very own homegrown brand Mecca.

It really is a treat for the eyes, and it's no surprise that Rikki's video has received 1.5 million views in accordance. Many viewers have jumped on board to express their intrigue at how it works. Which was quickly supported by the beauty influencer who explained that it really is as simple and seamless as it looks. This look feels as if it has hit us just in time for summer, when the idea of putting on any more than a light base feels like a crime. We know that this is only the beginning and there is so much to explore within the realms of this trend.


@rikkisandhuuby far one of the BEST contouring and highlighting techniques I have everrrr used!! ##beautyhacks ##makeuptips ##contouring101 ##foryou♬ original sound - ꧁ ꧂

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