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Is BLACKPINK dropping a second album soon? Here’s what we know

blackpink new album

Elon Musk may have just weaseled his way into a deal buying Twitter and it's true that we're yet to see meaningful climate policy from either party ahead of Australia's Federal Election, but we can put all of this aside into the trash heap of news for a brief moment because we've just received some joyful information. BLACKPINK is rumoured to be releasing their second album in June.

We can't exactly call the two years since BLACKPINK dropped their debut album, The Album, radio silence. In that period we've enjoyed solo albums from nearly all four members of the band. There's been Lalisa from rapper Lisa, R from Rosé, earlier we heard Jennie's own solo debut and we're promised a standalone LP from Jisoo. Not to mention, Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo have been almost hyperactive in the fashion and creative spaces. Each ambassadors for Celine, Saint Laurent, Chanel and Dior respectively.Cou

So what can we expect from this mysterious second album? At the moment it is entirely speculation and the only information we have to go off is a comment an anonymous source made on a Korean news site indicating that the album could drop as early as June. That and a remark Jisoo published in Korean on a Weverse post in late March teasing that Lisa, Rosé and Jennie had completed a new single and that "the song is really good".

But if we've learned anything it's that albums have been predicted on fewer clues. You need only revisit the hype around Harry Styles releasing Harry's House to know this. Plus, add into the mix that BLACKPINK fans, or BLINKs as they're known, are echoing this announcement and that they are quite possibly the most persistent and perceptive fanbase, then it certainly looks like BLACKPINK have a sonic treat waiting for us on the horizon. YG can you please confirm?

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