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Sweet creature Harry Styles is welcoming us inside his home for his third album ‘Harry’s House’

harry styles new album

Heart throb Harry Styles has announced his third album and I'd just like to say, I told you so. For months our heart (and our loins) had sensed it coming, spurred on by a few deliberately placed easter eggs on TikTok and inflamed by, in hindsight, no so wild fan theories. So sound the alarm Directioners-turned-Harries, because for his new album Harry Styles is cooing us to come inside Harry's House, and let me tell you, I know which room I want to end up in.

Announced across all his socials along with a date, the title of his new record and album cover, Styles stands in flared blue jeans and a peter pan collared white blouse, hand on hip. The room is upside down and his fingers rest pensive on his mouth, as though wondering how he came to be in this topsy-turvy universe. Tulips sit in a vase on the floor while an orange loveseat looks perfectly positioned for canoodling—what? It's just a suggestion.

Along with the album art, a short trailer dropped this morning. In it, Styles wanders onto a theatre stage and smiles into our souls as a set comprising of a yellow house is hoisted up behind him. Fan account,  @TheHarryNews also noticed that Styles had followed 'You Are Home' accounts on Instagram and Twitter, and on first glance the accounts offer up what look to be lyrics quite possibly from Harry's House. There's "in this world, it’s just us, you know it’s not the same as it was" and "what happens between colours" giving us the sense that this album will be dripping in intimacy. Which tracks as we're supposed to be inside his home after all.

With new music on the way, new and unexpected fans of Harry Styles are making themselves known. One of whom is the inimitable Joni Mitchell. On Twitter, the absolute icon retweeted the announcement simply saying, "love the title". As we know, Mitchell wrote a song called Harry's House for her 1975 album The Hissing of Summer Lawns. We'd throw ourselves under a bus for Joni Mitchell's approval and since Harry is a documented fan of the Blue artist, we're sure the feeling's mutual.

What's more, Harry Styles has slapped us with a date for the release of a new single titled, As it Was. Dropping on April 1, we're sure this exactly what we need to tide us over until his album enters planet earth later in May.

It's pleasing to see Styles graduate from Take Me Home to Harry's House, which is set to be released on May 20. Until then, we'll be camping outside his front door. Hello! Harry, it's us. Open the damn door and let us in!


Preview the trailer for Harry's House, below.


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Image: @harrystyles