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Harry Styles takes us on a magical mystery tour with his latest Pleasing drop featuring Mick Fleetwood

Harry Styles Pleasing

Well, he may sing about walking in a rainbow paradise, but it is us who has been captured in his. After what has felt like an eternity, Harry Styles has finally released a new drop for his brand Pleasing. And frankly, we are appropriately pleased with his kaleidoscopic new display, better yet his choice to face his new launch.

In an appropriate display of eccentric magic, Styles has picked his musical hero and fellow companion, Mick Fleetwood to front his colourful new range. In what appears like the most glorious cross-generational friendship, the Watermelon Sugar singer waxes poetic about the collaboration and what it means to have the 74 year old rocker at the centre of his campaign.



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“Mick is someone who brings me–and countless others–great joy,” Styles notes. “I felt there couldn’t be a better embodiment of Pleasing, or a person who could so naturally capture the wizardry that we love.”

Wizardry is right, the range known as Shroom Bloom (out March 15th), figuratively plays homage to the theme of magic mushrooms with its radical product display. It features face and nail products, like the Acid Drops Lucid Overnight face serum, hand and nail balm, and four new polish shades, plus psychedelic limited-edition apparel meant to lend to, as Styles explains, “an intoxicating escape-evoking curiosity.”.

Who better than Fleetwood with his bohemian gravitas to promote this delightfully vibrant offering. Known for his distinctive flair for style, (his jaunty hats are to him what pearls are to Styles), this launch speaks of two kindred spirits walking the same path of acceptance, beauty that comes in many colours, shapes and sizes.


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Fleetwood reiterating this by saying, “Pleasing is this experience of, ‘Why not?’ or ‘I’ve never thought of that’—and that’s why I’m part of it,”. It says, here’s something, either literally or figuratively, to hold your hand while we’re all on this journey. That’s what it means to me".

Amongst his array of ensembles, Fleetwood flaunts an array of colourful manicures including, a purple top hat paired with rose tinted shades, a custom zebra print suit by S.S. Daley, and in true Harry fashion stacks of chunky rings with topped off minty green nail beds; also featured is the Pleasing T-shirt, accompanied by a swath of glossy cherry red nails.

All I can say is, as the beauty coordinator here at RUSSH, i'll be hunting this range down immediately if not sooner. The range will be out on March 15th, In the meantime, you can register for any updates about the launch on the Pleasing website.

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