Everyone’s winter fave – RUSSH rounds up 11 favourite classic trench coats

11 of the best trench coats to covet for winter

The trench coat is one of those wardrobe staples that transcends gender, season and trend. It's a perfect lightweight counterpart to its cousin, the banker's coat, effortlessly integrating itself into every season of our lives. Whether it's thrown over a dress and heels in spring and summer, or as the outermost layer, encasing our woollen jumper and trousers in those cool autumn and winter months, it remains a ubiquitous wardrobe staple.

At RUSSH, our appreciation for the classic trench is a well that runs very deep. Possibly one of our favourite categories in outerwear, sometimes it's considerate to trace our steps back in time and explore where these wardrobe staples have come from.

Originally invented to offer lighter weight alternatives to the heavy serge coats worn by British and French soldiers and what was traditionally water-proof in cotton drill or leather; the trench has now seen itself become one of the world's most coveted statements in winter dress. From shielding men in the trenches to cloaking women and streaming down runways worldwide, the trench coat has travelled a long way.

Most often always seen double breasted, belted, wide lapelled and storm flapped – we round up some of our favourites below from the more quaint, no frills classics by A.P.C, to the softly sophisticated cashmere-blend trench by THEORY. Australia's very own Camilla and Marc and Country Road do their take the women's trench, and of course, we have the trench coat's founding father, Thomas Burberry's classic silhouette that captured the hearts of the mainstream. Below we round up our favourites in the realms of a classic to inspire or aspire you in what to covet for this winter.

1. BLANCA Hailey Trench in Burgundy

BLANCA Hailey Trench in Burgundy


2. VENROY Oversized Classic Cotton Trench Coat

VENROY Classic Cotton Trench Coat


3. CAMILLA AND MARC Reyes Trench Coat

CAMILLA AND MARC Reyes Trench Coat


4. THEORY Brushed Wool and Cashmere-blend Felt Trench Coat in Baby Pink


5. THE ROW Montrose Oversized Double-breasted Belted Cotton and Linen-blend Trench Coat

THE ROW Montrose oversized double-breasted belted cotton and linen-blend trench coat


6. BURBERRY Long Waterloo Heritage Trench Coat

BURBERRY Long Waterloo Heritage Trench Coat


7. COUNTRY ROAD Relaxed Trench Coat

COUNTRY ROAD Relaxed Trench Coat


8. ASSEMBLY LABEL Kirby Twill Trench

ASSEMBLY LABEL Kirby Twill Trench


9. CUE Leather Darted Trench

CUE Leather Darted Trench


10. A.P.C. Double-breasted Twill Trench Coat

A.P.C. double-breasted twill trench coat


11. BASSIKE Hooded Leather Trench Coat

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