What’s on the ‘RUSSH’ editors’ shopping list in July

Editors shopping list July 2024

It's a funny time of year. Some of us are stocking up on winter basics and some are searching high and low for a Northern Hemisphere wardrobe (hi, Euro summer).

Wherever you may be right now, a new season (and new financial year) calls for a fresh start. That might mean a new midyear fragrance, a restock of that lip pencil that's been sharpened down to the nub, or even some new bedding to bring all the comfort.

Come along with the RUSSH team in shopping our July must haves – I have no doubts there'll be something that sparks your interest.


Cassandra Dimitroff

Production Editor

Is there anything more beautiful than this Oversized Heavy Linen Bed Cover from IN BED? The answer is no, and I’ve been waiting for weeks for it to be back in stock – so it’s next on my to-buy list. I’ve been religiously wearing Glossier Lip Liners and just about nothing else on my face, so I’ll be restocking on those very soon, and, I was going to gate-keep these, but New Balance’s 2002RX sneakers are currently part of SSENSE’s EOFY sale, and I’m simply in love with the brown and beige colourway. On an olfactory level, I’ve found a new favourite winter fragrance in Maison Louis Marie’s Bois du Balincourt scent – the perfect mix of sandalwood, vetiver and nutmeg.


Karen Leong

Digital Writer

My Aesop Hwyl fragrance has been depleting steadily from overuse, so first course of action would be replenishing that. Next: A new scarf in a multi-colourway is something I’ve been hankering after. This GANNI number is plenty warm and chic. I’ve also been blurring the line more between loungewear and office attire, and this Freya Marl sweatshirt is the cross I’ve been after. And from a purely decadent and reality-averse eye, these Coperni boots are perfect for shielding from any Sydney puddles this winter.


Emily Algar

Beauty Editor

RUSSH Editors shopping list July 2024

I’m heading away this month and need to stock up on my beloved Rationale skincare beforehand, specifically Serum #1, Serum #2 and The Light Creme #2. My skin always acts out when I’m abroad (I blame hard water) but this is sure to keep things somewhat in check. SPF is another non-negotiable; my current favourites are Ultra Violette Queen Screen and the Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Melan 130 pigment control. One other niche recommendation from me: if you have sensitive skin or prefer natural products, the LoveByt Peppermint Botanical Toothpaste is really, really good. I’ve been pretty slack with exercise, so I’ll be adding a few Pilates classes with Laura Hall to my cart on my return, as well (the best Pilates experience I’ve ever had). Finally, fashion. Currently in my cart: these Salomon sneakers, this very versatile Toteme clutch, this scarf (that I’ll definitely be wearing as a sarong a la NAP) and a pair of Tortoise Wayfarers because I wear my black ones to death. 

Mia Steiber

Digital Strategy Director & Associate Publisher

Editors shopping list July 2024

I’m still firming up my Europe wardrobe, so I’m mostly shopping for warm weather pieces. This sexy red one-piece from C. Design is coming with me as are these Edera sunglasses. The Baia Dress from Faithfull is also on my list. Less sexy, but still necessary, I’m grabbing these Kathmandu water shoes. Anyone who’s walked on Europe’s rocky beaches will know water shoes are essential to shield your feet. On the topic of shoes, I want these Adidas Supernovas which I think will look super cute with the shorts I bought last month. As for skincare, I was gifted a top-up of my favourite Aesthetics Rx sunscreen, so that is already safely tucked in my suitcase. Then I’ll need top-ups of my Medik8 day cream and Dr. Lara Devgan night cream. And as a final treat, I’m looking at these beautiful stack rings from Argent Silversmith. I was thinking about getting my birth (sapphire) stone but I might go with citrine which is said to bring wealth!


Megan Nolan

Marketing Manager

Editors shopping list July 2024

For anyone who’s been on my coat and bag journey with me over the past couple of months, you’ll be happy to know that I finally did it. I purchased the perfect black oversized coat from Friends with Frank and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve completed the duo with a classic black work bag from Assembly Label. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m being optimistic it will fit my laptop.

This may sound counterintuitive but I still drink iced coffee even in the depths of winter. As a result I’m on the hunt for the perfect insulated iced coffee keep cup that won’t make my hands colder than they already are. I don’t think I can go past this very sleek Frank Green option. Last but not least is skincare and I’m in need of a restock. Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid is a staple since I first tried it a few years ago. Add to this my favourite AB Lab moisturiser and I’m set for the winter.


Stacey Gaskin

Consumer Revenue Manager

This month I’ll be prioritising my Bunnings trips over anything else (shocker – my whole identity is that I’m DIY renovating), but there are some things I’ve had my eye on of late that don’t fall under that umbrella.

First things first, these Prada sunnies (currently on sale) are on my mind. I don’t own any Prada sunglasses and it’s about time I begrudgingly hop on that trend bandwagon because… they are lovely after all.

I’m travelling to America next month so I need to get my ducks in a row. My husband and I plan on travelling light, but I do need to buy a new suitcase and I like this trunk from JULY.

I also want to buy this Departure travel set from Aesop and a couple of these lipstick undies from Paire.

The last thing I’d love to pick up this month is a new Apple watch. My one is very old and battered. The battery also doesn’t last longer than a couple hours so it’s well and truly ready to be replaced. I’m unsure Apple will accept a trade-in but I will try my luck.


Phoebe Holden


This month I am on the hunt for a great bag, I am a huge Palorosa fan and spied a few dreamy new colourways on their Instagram account, my sights are set on either Tobacco + Blue Lilac or Chocolate + Palm. I have run out of my favourite perfume, Opia by Curionoir which *sniff doesn’t ship internationally, until I can find a mule to get a bottle to Australia for me I am going to use this as an opportunity to try something new. I flip flop between masculine, peppery scents and rose. I love Byredo’s Burning Rose candle so their Eau de Parfum, Rose Of No Man’s Land feels like a safe bet. 

On slightly less exciting purchases, I need a water bottle. HAY currently have George Sowden’s ‘Sowden Bottle’ in light yellow which I adore, I’ll hopefully pick up one of those before August. I have been avoiding getting a new pair of reading glasses but my already questionable eye sight is rapidly declining (yes, likely due to screen time, no, I don’t want to hear about it). I’m not sure I’ll be able to purchase this month but since they were released my heart has been set on Miu Miu’s Honey Havana frames, so chic and timeless.


Hannah Cooper

Executive Fashion Director

It’s sale time and that is a very dangerous time to be my bank account. Everything is justified. First off the rank is this Y/ Project coat I have had my eye on for so long and now with the change of weather and the reduction in price, it’s time. Next, I really need some ‘winter’ long trousers that are practical and fun. I am obsessed with Korean brand Pushbutton, and they have these cuties on Farfetch. 

The winter glare is real at the moment and my collection of Loewe glasses seems to get bigger and bigger but who’s counting? These are the latest on my radar, and different to any others I have so definitely need. Lastly I’m lusting over a new bag and HODAKOVA just dropped a new round, so maybe I have to before they sell out again? This one has my eye.


Olivia Repaci

Creative Studio and Campaign Manager

Editors shopping list July 2024

It’s time for me to act on my impulses and buy the things that I’ve been saving in my mental wishlist. As the weather just keeps getting colder and colder, and I keep getting annoyed at the fact that I only have a puffer jacket to keep me warm, I am on a mission to level up my outerwear and look chic 24/7 instead of a desperate tourist. Cue this Friends With Frank blazer coat, who I’m hoping will do all the heavy lifting in my winter wardrobe. Layered with some knits and a scarf, I’ll be good to go. To pair with my new streamlined look, a new slim sneaker is a must, and I think its time I delve into the world of the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico and I love this all black colourway. I’m still thinking about the Alix Higgins show from AFW and specifically this knit, and now that it’s cold maybe its the right time to buy? Imagine it under my new blazer coat?? And because I can’t be completely devoid of colour, adding a lil lip colour is my go to, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a tube of YSL Beauty Loveshine after our recent RUSSH event…


Alys Hale

Music Editor

Editors Shopping list July 2024

I’m moving house so really should be practical in what I’m considering. But will I do that? Probably not. I have been buying lottery tickets, so anything is possible. I’m gently edging out exclusively wearing black trousers, so if I’m going to consider being a little more feminine it will have to be with Ann and will need to be offset with some big winter leg concealing boots like these ones from McQueen. Whilst my relationship with colour can be strained, I do love a flash of dangerous red and this beautiful clutch from A-Esque may reignite my colour-lust. And because I’m going to win big, it might be time to upgrade my silver sleepers to these pearl safety pins by my favourite local designer, Serpent and the Swan.


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