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The 10 tracksuits we are cocooned in this season


It started in the naughties, the bejewelled Juicy Couture tracksuits, the low rise bell bottoms, the velour. Transcending the zeitgeist and permeating our wardrobes through it all, its no wonder why the tracksuit has become a constant, especially after the year we've all had. Retrospectively, there is little we'd rather spend our days off in, and occasionally our days on, too. With the weather cooling off and our need for comfort expanding, we felt it was high time to round up our favourite tracksuits of the season.

From the forever classics that have entered back into the trend cycle (here's looking at you, Juicy), or the staples that last an eternity like a classic crew neck and elasticated waist, nothing had more of a moment last year than the humble matching tracksuit. A symbol of togetherness for those working long hours at home, or simply being at home. The pyjama-like sets we changed into out of the shower, because we knew there was a difference between the two. We haven't quite gotten over them, and while here in Australia we aren't working from the couch quite as much as we once were last year, they still hold a special, comfortable place in our hearts and our wardrobe hangers.

Whether you're a classic crew kind of person, a juicy revival-er, or someone who is inclined for the more refined options, below we are rounding up the best tracksuits of the season, cashmere, fleece, and cotton galore. It's the season to indulge in cosiness. See our edit below.

Leset Sienna Set

Anine Bing Evan Jogger


Les Tien Classic Sweatpant and Yacht Pullover

Juicy Couture Original Velour Tracksuit

LesJour The Cardigan and The Wide Leg



Bonds Original Stretch Jogger


Entireworld Loop Back Sweatpants

Uniqlo U Sweatpantsbest-tracksuits

Redone 70s Half Zip Sweatshirt



Uniek Arnhem Hoodie



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