Soft suiting for women: RUSSH round up the best suits for winter 2021


A beautifully tailored suiting set that steps its way away from corporate wear is a hard one to find. But at the same time, a closet essential these days.

Women in suits have come along way throughout the fashion timeline. Something that was always well considered and reserved for the world in menswear, it wasn't until French actress Sarah Bernhardt started her scandal in 1870 through coveting boyish suits in her public appearance.

Then we travel to the 70s with Helmut Newton's iconic photograph of YSL's Le Smoking tuxedo that brought women in suiting to the attention of the mainstream. Cut to Diane Keaton's love for boyish suits then to Susan Sarandon and her look for Cannes Film Festival in '78 - a testament that there is nothing more endearing than a woman in the right suit jacket. Now, from the likes of Acne Studios and The Row, to perhaps the more accessible such as wool sports suit by New York's Noah and Melbourne's very own Arnsdorf - here at RUSSH we round up some of our favourite soft suiting for the coming cooler months ahead. Wear it all together or separate the pieces, here are the ones that we love



Acne Studios in Camel Melange




Toteme Pine Waistcoat Suit




The Row Obine Jacket & Igor pant

The Row



Noah Double Breasted Sport Suit




E Nolan Made To Measure Suit

E Nolan



Matin Linen Suit Jacket, Waistcoat and Pant




Christopher Esber Redux Contoured Blazer and Double Belted Pants

Christopher Esber



Arnsdorf Celeste Suit Jacket and Trouser




St Agni Tau Blazer and Erika Pants

St Agni


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