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5 fragrances we’re wearing during Autumn

autumn fragrances

Winter is speeding around the corner at an alarming rate, and what better way to set the mood of the season than to indulge in a new fragrance for the changing of the elements. Woody, smoky, sensual, musky. These are the scent memories that are locked away, evoking moments curled under a blanket, swathed in a wool coat, crumpled by a fire waiting on a hot drink. With autumn preparing us for what's to come, we're indulging in such scents a little early. Here, we round up our favourite scents for autumn.


Diptyque Orphéon

autumn fragrances

Juniper berries, tonka beans, cedarwood and jasmine. These are the notes Diptyque's Orphéon is comprised of. Evoking the scents of gin, tobacco smoke, and burnished wood, transport yourself to an underground bar in Paris as this scent wraps you in warm, sensual comfort.


Chanel Le Lion De Chanel

autumn fragrances

A symbol integral to the Chanel brand, the lion acts as a notion to the ambery and leather notes of labdanum, which are softened and brightened by vanilla and bergamot. A warm, evocative and refined fragrance that speaks of sunlight and heat.

DS and Durga Freetrapper

autumn fragrances

Dark and woody injected with citrus. This masculine scent imbued with notes of dark cedar, snake root, synthetic beaver castor, and wild bergamot are melded with incense, bergamot and bitter orange feels reminiscent of forestry and fires. Elevated lumberjack energy.

Venustus Supreme Love 

Organic rose, frankincense and myrrh essential oils are blended, said to encourage supreme love. Love of self, love of another, communal love and universal love. This light, floral scent if perfect for those who are wanting to take a less traditional fragrance route, especially as it's comprised of completely natural ingredients, safe for all.

Byredo Mixed Emotions

Maté, black currant, ceylon black tea, violet leaves, birch wood and papyrus. Byredo has aways been in the business of bottling emotions. Designed to reflect the tumultuous nature of our times, Mixed Emotions has been formulated as a distillation of highs and lows, mirroring unstable realities and a world in flux.

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