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Get to know Hunter Lab, the skincare brand you’ve been seeing everywhere

In collaboration with Hunter Lab

I first met Hunter Lab in 2015. I was researching an article and the products came up in the course of my research. Of course, I've come across many new brands in my time working in beauty, but this was one that stuck. The sleek and effortlessly stylish aesthetic was one that was hard to forget.

Hunter Lab has come a long way since the early days of 2015 when the brand was born. Now, it's the skincare you're seeing everywhere - perched on the counter tops of bespoke, architecturally-designed homes or offered at luxury hotels like Jackalope. In fact, this brand is now the official skincare partner for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.


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Of course, it's not just good looks that has made Hunter Lab the skincare brand of the moment. Hunter Lab is a brand that has redefined natural skincare, using safe ingredients that are also highly efficacious.  Its gender-neutral identity has seen Hunter Lab break-free from many of the tropes that often accompany "natural" skincare products. Instead, this brand sought to make products that are in sync with the natural world but also our skin, aesthetic and lifestyle. Products formulated for those with discerning tastes or "the Modern Hunter" according to the brand.

Born and still made in Melbourne, Hunter Lab's suite of products has been designed to preserve the skin's barrier function. Focusing on skin health, Hunter Lab uses "green chemistry" to create sophisticated formulas that fit into a holistic care regime. All its key ingredients are shared openly, as are the list of ingredients that the brand chooses to avoid.



The brand's ethos is that modern living requires a mindful and considered approach to self care. We need skincare that is transparent, efficacious, ethical but also designed with our on-the-go lifestyles in mind. Here, aesthetics form part of its function. Who could forget their sunscreen or pre-serum with the bottles sitting front and centre on your bathroom counter? Hunter Lab products are designed to be seen and never forgotten.


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