6 body moisturisers to bring your winter skin back from the dead

Best body moisturisers

Winter time has a unique talent for turning even the softest skin into a dry itchy mess. The dry air, heating and hot showers seem to just suck all the hydrating and nourishment from your skin.

I have normally quite oil, well-maintained skin but in during winter, my legs look more like they're covered in scales than actual skin. And when this happens, there are a few products I turn to for salvation.

These six body moisturisers are the actual products that I use to treat my dry winter skin.


1. Jurlique Calming Body Lotion Lavender

jurlique calming lotion

This delightful lotion is the perfect cherry on top of an evening shower. It's fairly lightweight, not greasy at all, but includes rich macadamia oil and avocado oil - so it's very nourishing. And the lovely lavender scent will help send you off to sleep.


2. Calming Jojoba Oil

jojoba calming oil

Jojoba oil is a wonderful product. It's a non-comedogenic oil so it's perfect if you're a little prone to breakouts. A product designed for face or body and it's great to use on your legs when they need a little TLC - I've been using it for about a month. This particular formula from the Jojoba Company is enriched with bisabolol, moringa, chamomile, camelia and lavender oils which all help to soothe inflammation and calm sensitive skin.


3. Lano Coconutter Body Milk

Lano coconutter lotion

Lanolin is one of the most nourishing and moisturising substances we know about. A more recent discovery of mine, this body milk harnesses the moisturising power of both lanolin and coconut to create a super hydrating body cream that smells like a holiday.


4. e45 Moisturising Cream 

e45 moisturising lotion

For very dry or sensitive skin, e45 is a sure bet. There's no fragrances or irritants in here. Dermatologically tested, it's recommended for dry skin conditions like eczema. Lather it on all over for baby-soft skin.


5. CeraVe Daily Moisturising Lotion

Cerave moisturising lotion

Another brand recommended by dermatologists, this moisturising cream is design to help strengthen the skin's protective barrier. It's made with three essential ceramides for long lasting hydrating. It's low irritant and comes in a big bottle which lasts me all through winter.


6. Shea Nourishing Body Butter

Thick and rich, this is what I use when my skin is so dry that it's itchy. It just sort of melts into your skin. It's crafted from Community Trade shea butter from Tamale Ghana - in fact there are 36 shea nuts in every tub.

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Feature image: Lanolips