The RUSSH Editors share their winter skincare tips

If you've seen any of our morning or night routines on Instagram, you'll know that we're very detail orientated when it comes to what we put on our skin.

As such, we know that our skincare routines need to change slightly in winter. Colder, drying temperatures can mess with your complexion, causing flaking, itching and even breakouts in some. So it's important to make sure you're giving your skin a little extra TLC during the cold months.

Here's advice straight from the horse's mouth. The RUSSH Editors share their winter skincare tips.


Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

Oil on damp skin. A face oil, a body oil, a hair oil. A thicker oil based balm for your feet and knees and elbows. An oil based body wash to protect skin from drying in the shower. Did I mention oils? I am not as strict with other products but for some reason an oil must fit in the organic/ natural realm. And be strictly not artificially fragranced. For face I always turn to May Lindstrom Youth Dew or Marie Veronique Protective Day Oil. And for the body, in winter, I prefer a semisolid oil or balm. Travellista’s Body Balm or Jao’s Goe Oil are always present and reoccurring in my cupboard. Always apply to damp skin and massage, massage, massage to ensure you don't end up with oily skin.


Gabriela Hidalgo 

Brand & Art Director 

I don’t know the exact science behind it but my skin really responds to sunshine and especially craves it as the winter months begin to roll in. I try to spend somewhere around 10 minutes with my face in that gloriously warm, natural light which keeps it feeling alive and circulating. My ‘regime’ isn’t very different to usual, I’ll exfoliate more than usual in order for the moisturiser to truly seep in (The sukin cream exfoliator is extremely gentle but effective) or I’ll use more overnight masks during the week (Glow Recipe Avocado Mask is a life saver). I do however, focus on my body during this season as it’s the area that is noticeably affected by the dry cold. The key is exfoliation and extra hydration. Kora Organics does a body oil that is the perfect consistency and doesn’t transfer on clothes, leaving skin looking so plump and healthy. And for those days when it’s too cold to moisturise post shower, Frank’s Body Coffee scrub.


Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

Winter skincare for me is all about staying moisturised. My partner has quite severe eczema, so I’ve had to learn a lot about dry skin and how not to exacerbate these conditions. 

I’ve written before about how one of the best things you can do for your skin in winter is lower the temperature of your showers. This goes a long way to keeping the natural oils in your skin. 

I also look to different kinds of moisturisers in winter. Summer is all about finding a lovely floral scented body cream, but in winter I will switch to e45 or CeraVe, which are both formulated for dry skin. I also like to incorporate a little more exfoliation into my routine in the form of lactic acid. I use a brand called Lanaté, it’s a moisturiser with a gentle lactic acid. It’s great for helping to shed dead skin and keep away those weird bumps some people get on the back of their arms.


Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

I don’t like the term lazy so I’m going to say I’ve always been fairly “minimal” when it comes to my skincare routine. I’ve never taken much notice of what my skin is doing but the older (and wiser?) I become the more I’ve realised that seasons really do change how I should be looking after it. Whilst I still don’t have a steadfast routine as such my motto is “listen to what it needs”. For me at the moment this means moisturising every morning with this MAC moisturiser and then Mecca SPF once this has had some time to sink in. After I’ve washed my face at night I alternate between oil, a 15 minute face mask and/or an overnight hydrating mask depending on how it’s feeling. You know your skin better than anyone so let it tell you what it needs.


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

The people who know me know that I have a personal vendetta against winter. There is not one element of the season I wouldn't trade for anything related to summer. This being said, my skin weirdly favours the season and often clears up when the cooler months arrive. I've been loving the most basic of products to moisturize, my strategy has always been to treat with serums and soothe with moisture, so I've been reaching for this La Roche Posay Lipikar AP+M Baume. I apply top to toe, literally. It's designed for the face and body which would usually make me feel faint at the idea but this just works wonders at smoothing, hydrating, and soothing.


Andrea Tchacos

Deputy Editor

My winter skin advice (to myself, also) is to go outside. It feels safer to stay on the couch with the reverse cycle on but from personal experience it's a fast track to dull, sallow skin. If a glow is your vibe, exercise helps too. Arm yourself with SPF, obviously. I like the feel of Glossier’s if I can get a hold of it, or Dermalogica. An oil can help keep moisture in while you’re facing the elements, as will a thick lip balm or mask. But Vitamin D deficiency is a thing. Years ago, a holistic therapist told me a practical (and safer) way to absorb it is to turn your inner forearms to the morning sunlight. So you’ll find me in my backyard, inner elbows to sky.