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The fragrances we’re adding to our beauty collections

We've written about scents before. The RUSSH editors have shared their forever favourites, the fragrances we just keep coming back to. And now we're sharing our new loves. The fragrances that have captivated us, the ones that find a new place among our beauty collection.

Here's what we love.

Jess Blanch

Editor In Chief

If I’m being perfectly honest, I first went for Bottega Veneta’s BV Illusion Her for the weighted glass bottle design. I’ve worn the same sentimental fragrance for years so it’s very rare to find myself reaching for this, especially with its bergamot top note and a base of olive and tonka bean, a complete departure from my usual peach and gardenia. My husband is also now wearing Illusion Him so this may just be the cutest thing we’ve done since we had our last baby. 


Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director

As someone who doesn’t like to wear perfume, Juliette Has A Gun’s Not A Perfume is perfect for me. The scent is based around a single ingredient; ambroxan. Forming a note that merges with the wearer. Working with the individual's unique skin chemistry the fragrance will have a different scent on each wearer. 

Typically this ingredient is used to form the base note of a fragrance but here, as it’s only ingredient it is the hero. A slightly musky, amber scent it really is best described as smelling like skin. It can be layered with other perfumes to enhance their scent but really it’s best on its own. Made for skin contact and to be smelled up close.


Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

Once I have uncovered a favourite scent, I tend to stick with it for the years to come. It grows with me until one day a new shiny fragrance awakens my senses. Pulling me away from my usual rotations, Christian Dior’s Spice Blend parfum was a welcome discovery. An also surprising one too as it’s a steer clear in the opposite direction from my familiar citrus and floral inspired scents. Spice Blend is a crossroads of spices, powerful and warming with a strong woody elegance and Rum Absolute. A perfect fragrance for the cooler winter months upon us.


Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

I definitely have a very specific style when it comes to perfume which means when I find something new I like I get very excited. Whilst not new to the market Comme des Garcons’ Floriental is a new addition to my collection. If you read the description it will tell you it’s based on the Cistus flower - a flower with no scent - but I’d say it definitely has a somewhat floral smell. It’s distinctive yet not overpowering, sweet yet not sickly. It also looks pretty great on my shelf which is a definite bonus.


Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

I’ve been loyal to Comme Des Garcons’ Gosha Rubchinskiy collaboration for years on end which is supposed to smell like tar and rubber. While it’s not literally that robust (or unpleasant) it’s a clear guide to my kind of smell. I recently, however, got my hands on Coqui Coqui’s Tabaco fragrance which essentially smells like a man on holiday, and it is my new favoured scent. Tabaco is clean, woody and strong while still feeling subtle, like the smell left on someone after a windy beach walk or towel drying their hair after showering. 


Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director

The first thing you should know about me is that I love a fragrance. Both on myself and on others. 

For years I have attempted to claim a single fragrance as my ‘signature’ but have finally accepted that for me a fragrance acts as ‘markers’ in my life to one day look back on. I’ve tied moments, holidays, faces and places to a single spritz, a new chapter with each bottle. Next on my list is Tom Ford’s unisex fragrance, ‘Lost Cherry’ and we must first take a moment of appreciation for that rose coloured glass bottle. Classic Tom. A+ for presentation (always), potency (a little goes a long way) and whilst I’m not usually an advocate for a gourmand fragrance, I have faith that he will never take it too far. A balancing act of tart black cherry, bitter almond and smokier cedar and sandalwood notes … I just realised it’s an Amaretto Sour. This explains absolutely everything.