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Introducing our ‘Forbidden’ cover star, Ylang Messenguiral

Like her floral namesake, Ylang Messenguiral is in full bloom. An enigmatic Leo, she’s guided by an innate confidence; gratified by the thrill of a well-taken risk. For her, days are spent in the sensual company of a Sade soundtrack, dreaming of a slower, more peaceful existence on her island home of Madagascar – book in hand. Late nights are spent being seduced by the allure of the eclectic, neon-lit nightlife of Pigalle.

While her feet may be traversing the globe, Messenguiral’s sights are trained on wherever she is in this moment, grounded in her surroundings, taking each day as it comes and adapting like a chameleon to her ever-changing environment. The Madagascan-French model may not know where in the world she is at the best of times, but she’s grounded in knowing who she is.


My name is ...

Ylang Messenguiral.


I was named that because ...

My name comes from a tropical flower called Ylang Ylang, (“the flower of the flower”).


My age is

22 years old.


The first thing you should know about me is ...

That I am half French and half Malagasy.



I’m currently living in



The energy here feels

It can feel quite hectic sometimes. But it’s always very creative.


But if I could be anywhere, I’d be

I’d be in Madagascar; back on my little island, chilling under palm trees reading a book.


Something I’m known to indulge in is

Reality TV shows, like Selling Sunset.


This chapter of my life would be called ...

“Nowhere”, because sometimes I don’t even know where I am – what country, or what time zone either.


My star sign is …



It suits me because

Leos are strong and independent.



My worst trait is

Sometimes I have a little bit of imposter syndrome.

Right now, I’m obsessed with

Mexican art.


Late at night, you’ll find me

At this bar called Pigalle Country Club in Paris.


I feel most in tune with myself when

I’m travelling and discovering new countries and new cultures.


One thing I’ll never do is

Stay in Paris for more than three weeks.


A lesson I’ve learned recently was that

Whatever ‘where’ you are, whatever ‘what’ you do, just stay true to yourself. Be free and have fun.


The first person I share good news with is …

My grandparents.



I am superstitious about …

Seeing birds in even numbers. It feels like bad luck if they are in uneven numbers.


A song that best describes me is …

Sade’s By Your Side.


The strangest thing I like to snack on is

Bananas with hot sauce.



I’m currently reading

La salle de bal (The Ballroom) by Anna Hope.


My friends would describe me as

Generous, and very good at adapting myself to every environment I am in.


The quality I admire most in others is

It might be patience.


The future looks

I don’t know, to be honest. I’m more of a day-by-day person, but I’m hoping the future is better than the day before!


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Ylang Messenguiral @ Women wears ACNE STUDIOS top, skirt and shoes; CARTIER necklace.

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