RUSSH Loves: Our favourite winter footwear, the new mule


When we talk about the mule as a shoe - it's worthy in noting that this be a conversation that dates far back into ancient history. Popularised by Ancient Romans and worn well into the 16th Century; the modern day definition in understanding what a mule actually is, is quite simple in theory.

The mule has gone for far lengths of time as quite an understated shoe. If we really wanted to scrutinise, perhaps it was brought back into mainstream attention through Carrie Bradshaw's Manolo Blahnik obesssion or perhaps the popular cowboy slip ons?

By definition, its quite uncomplicated. Any shoe without a back heel constraint is one that could be considered into mule category. Technically, a mule could go as far as a slipper or clog, but here below, we round up a few from all different families for you to enjoy and peruse.

And why would we consider something as dainty as the mule as a winter favourite? Because they are easy, comfortable and highly versatile by nature, making them quite the perfect dressier addition to the colder months we still have yet ahead.

From a pointed toe to high heeled, or a slip on to a casual classic - RUSSH return once again with another winter round up - this time celebrating quite an underrated, below the radar favourite. As all in all it's definitely a RUSSH office favourite for its easy slip on escape, here's the best in this seasons round up for you below.


Proenza Schoulder Off White Shearling Lug Sole Mule


Bottega Veneta Mule

The Row Office Leather Trimmed Shell Mule

Lemaire Brown Leather Flat Mule

Balenciaga Black Void Heeled Mule


Jil Sander Brown Open Back Flats


Charlotte Knowles Brown Woven Heeled Mule

ABRA Green Concorde Mule




Jimmy Choo Ros 35 Studded Mule


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