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Ganni x Depop release the collar of your dreams

Danish brand Ganni have surely been one to make themselves known on everyone's radar. With its brand statements in shirred cotton dresses, signature animal prints and its highly reprimand-able fashion responsibility reports - Ganni has become a world favourite and have made themselves a brand to watch.

Having also made its mark in the industry as an expert collaborator - this time round, Ganni has just released its newest collaboration wtih Gen-Z marketplace Depop in an capsule of the brands oversized Peter Pan collars. The collaboration worked hand in hand with six carefully selected creatives and sellers from the Depop community to rework Ganni's signature collars into new oversized reiterations.

Following on from the brand's sustainability model and ethos, Ganni creative director Ditte Reffstrup stated, "at Ganni, we’re always looking for new ways to rework existing fabrics and become more responsible... It’s been so exciting working with a collective of all-female creatives to bring some big collar energy, and make them feel fresh and fun again.”

The collars themselves hope to celebrate individual style and expressionism, whilst also encouraging Ganni's efforts in sustainability and recycling - all moving towards the brands commitment in creating a more circular fashion economy.



Creative director further reveals in their decision to collaborate, stating "I love how Depop is so easy to use as a platform –and like Ganni – is all about celebrating expressing your individual style and connecting with a community who care about a more circular and responsible future."

The Ganni x Depop Peter Pan collars will be made available on the individual sellers Depop pages, retailing between $90 and $140 and furthermore, all proceeds from the sales of Depop seller and English singer songwriter Griff will be donated exclusively to Warchild, an independent non-governmental organisation that brings aid to children and young people in conflict areas.

The Ganni x Depop collars are now available on, with more information and updates available through their website and through following all official Depop social media channels.


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