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Elizabeth McPherson on sentimentality and the pieces that make memories

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When it comes to making memories, no one is better versed in the sentimental than Elizabeth McPherson. A collector of vintage items first and an industry girl second, McPherson knows what a memorable piece can mean to the right person. Through a love of vintage wares and self-expression, McPherson founded PPEACHED, a creative platform that offers special antiques and unique pieces from around the world.

Here, she is in Sydney, currently in lockdown (although these images were shot before the fact), McPherson takes us into her home and shows us some of her most prized possessions, alongside her favourite pieces from Pandora's Moments collection. Including, but not limited to, the new charm holders which offer a new way to wear Pandora's iconic charms in the form of key rings and hoop earrings. During our visit, we chat with McPherson on self-expression, sentimentality, and where she finds liberation.

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I am currently working freelance across sales and pr & marketing strategy for a couple of amazing Australian and New Zealand brands. I love being able to work with a mix of brands and products that I truly believe in.


You told us PPEACHED started from a love of vintage. Is secondhand clothing something you collect?

It has always been a love of mine, collecting special antiques and unique pieces from around the world. I used to do little markets back home in New Zealand and since living in Sydney found that there was a lack of curated and affordable vintage stores. Hoping PPEACHED will become that go-to platform for unique treasures and small ready to wear injections.

Elizabeth McPherson

What is your favourite vintage piece you’ve found so far?

I love this antique dolphin I found in a little secondhand store up the coast. And a beautiful Vivian Westwood blazer found in a little coastal vintage store close to my beach house.


Is there a piece you wish you hadn’t let go of?

A little hand beaded lace top I found when I was traveling New Zealand, I think about it a lot and wish I kept it.


Is clothing a mode of self-expression for you?

It is, I enjoy styling outfits and dressing up. In a time where there is so much casual dressing and active wear I like taking time to really dress up for any occasion – even if it just going to the supermarket.



Elizabeth McPherson

How else do you express yourself?

Along with collecting special pieces and second hand shopping I love painting! I have really used this time spent at home to set time aside for art and painting.


When do you feel most sentimental?

Looking through photos of home. Special vintage pieces I have found from New Zealand while second hand shopping with my family.


What is something you own that sparks a joyful memory?

A little jewellery box that holds all my earrings and special pieces. It was passed on from my mum great grandmother and means so much to me. Reminds me of home and family holidays in New Zealand.

Elizabeth McPherson


Elizabeth McPherson


What was the last book you read?

I am currently reading Insatiable by Daisy Buchanan and am loving it – a great lockdown read.


You’re leaving the house, what is the most useful thing you reach to take?

My Langeige lip sleeping mask! The perfect lip mask for the change in season.

Elizabeth McPherson

When do you feel most liberated?

When I am working on projects I love and enjoy. Taking time out of the day to swim and enjoy nature! I am so lucky to live in Bondi and can walk along the beach, I feel most free in the sea.



Elizabeth wears jewellery by Pandora


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