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Ganni Klub’s new athleisure is here and its more comforting than ever

Whether you find yourself locked down in Sydney, or simply inhabiting in another part of the world - it certainly is no secret that since the dear pandemic, athleisure and activewear have sky rocketed on everyone's radar and interest.



And in a call and response to action, Scandi brand Ganni have launched its exclusive Ganni Klub activewear, including a 19 piece collection inclusive of body suits, light wear jackets, leggings and track suits featuring quality breathable mesh fabrics, taking athleisure into new realms of versatility, community and loungewear.



Creative director Ditte Reffstrup states in a recent press release, “staying active has been more of a challenge recently, so we wanted to design versatile pieces to live your everyday life in, that you can look and feel good in and still express yourself... Team sports, in particular football, have been a massive part of my life since I was a kid. I love the electric energy that comes from being part of a team the friendship and community spirit. Everyone is equal and supports each other. GANNI Klub embodies that feeling of joy around everything that gets us moving. For an endorphin hit that lasts way beyond the workout”



Considering movement with fashion and utilising sportswear fabric technologies, the collection has almost gone full retro with printed 70s wrap tops, jersey shorts and recycled two piece ensembles in winter fleece. Stylistically, echoing the youthful energy of the 90s, the new Ganni Klub follows on with a campaign lensed by renown British photographer Sophie Jones. Furthermore encapsulating the idea of community and team energy, the look book casts the all eccentric London-based female rollerskating collective Skate With Sis to model through the campaign series.


The full collection of Ganni Klub activewear is now available to shop through their website with all other news and updates available through Ganni's official social media channels.


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