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The French sure do know how to party – how Louis Vuitton is celebrating its milestone 200th birthday

Louis Vuitton 200th birthday

How do you celebrate your 200th birthday when you're Louis Vuitton?

I'm sure, if we all put our heads together we could collectively come up with more than a few fitting ideas. An outrageous party in the heart of Paris where it all began? A limited edition handbag? Surprisingly, the luxury and heritage fashion House is doing neither of these things (yet, at least); but the way Louis Vuitton is choosing to celebrate and commemorate its bicentennial bash is all the more representative of the brand's remarkable history.

For those unfamiliar with Louis Vuitton's origin story; the designer first found his footing in the world of luxury design through a trunk-making apprenticeship in Paris. As we now know, this experience formed the basis of the House's now signature and iconic trunk; a piece that has become a hallmark and collector's item over the years.

It only seems fitting then, that as part of the 200th birthday celebrations for Louis Vuitton, the brand has curated a series of celeb-designed trunks to decorate the windows of its 460 stores worldwide. Of course, these trunks haven't been blessed by just anyone. Among the 200 designs, Louis Vuitton ambassadors and K-Pop royalty, BTS have shared their handiwork – creating a scribbled, cartoonish confection. Previous name's in the maison's long history of designers have also played a part; including the likes of Marc Jacobs and Kim Jones who were both equally influential during their time at the House.

Naturally, this isn't the only instalment on the lineup for Louis Vuitton's 200th birthday. With celebrations beginning on August 4, the House will begin with the release of a video game, Louis: The Game – complete with embedded NFTs – on the App Store and Google Play. Which means we can finally wear our favourite and most covetable pieces, (even if it's not IRL).

But it doesn't end there either. Later in the year, Louis Vuitton is also expected to drop the brand's debut novel, Louis L’Audacieux; as written by French author Caroline Brognard for the celebration. Followed by a documentary, Looking for Louis, due to land on Apple TV and a triptych painted by American artist Alex Katz.

From now on, we will be following in the steps of Louis Vuitton for all future birthday celebrations. The French sure do know how to party.


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