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Ugly shoe love: Where to buy Crocs if you are warming up to the clog trend

where to buy crocs

Back when I started to write, I envisioned myself writing about all things. Fashion, beauty, culture, politics, food, there was little I couldn't envision myself writing about, except for maybe Crocs. Fast forward five years, and here. We. Are. An article devoted to Crocs! Who truly thought? It certainly wasn't me when I trashed my pale pink Target knock offs at the end of primary school. I digress, we are here, and here, we delve into the Croc. With the rise and rise of the clog silhouette, we all should have seen it coming. We should have seen it coming when Balenciaga made a platform iteration back in 2018 that sold out before they released, and again when they cropped up amongst Tik Tokkers earlier in the year. Surgeons have worn them for decades, and now they are firmly planted in the zeitgeist and within our psyches (so much so, last week I dreamt that our own Jess Blanch owned a different pair for each day of the week).

The full circle in which we have come is not one I thought I would live to witness, but my eyes do not deceive me, and as it turns out, we are all a bit thirsty for the Croc. What's not to love? Impossible comfort, perforation for a cross-breeze, a strap for sport-mode-related activities, the fact that they are now somewhat trending only sweetens the deal. At least, I imagine that's how Questlove felt when he wore a gold pair to the Oscars this year. It would appear that Crocs are here to stay for the time-being, so if you're as tempted as we are to hitch our wagon to the very ugly shoe trend, below is a round up of everywhere you can buy Crocs.


Crocs Australia

Highs and Lows 



Platypus Shoes

Where to buy Crocs

Style Tread

Where to buy Crocs


Where to buy Crocs

The Trybe - kids only

Where to buy Crocs


Where to buy Crocs


Where to buy Crocs


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