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Calling all art lovers – here are 15 of the best places to shop for art online

where to buy art online

It's true that buying a piece of art for your home is unlike any other interior decor commitment. The artwork you choose completely sets the tone for your space – and we all know that no room is complete without the perfect painting, photograph or even sculpture. And when you're making a decision with such an impact, it's important that you exhaust all your options before settling. While traditionally, art has been something you need to shop for in real life, recently, the internet has become a serious goldmine for hunting down that piece that will make your dinner guests turn their head. But with so many sites and platforms available; it's often challenging to know exactly where to head when you want to buy art online.

To save you from the struggle of navigating the endless scroll that is Google, we've rounded up 15 of our favourite sites for buying art online. Whether you're looking for a smaller piece to finish off a desk space or hallway; or are on the hunt for that forever, one-of-a-kind artwork.

1. Society6


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It's impossible to talk about buying art online without making mention of Society6. The website has an incredible collection of affordable prints created by a global community of over 300,000+ independent artists. You can find creations made from all types of artists; from painters to illustrators to photographers to pattern designers and everything in between. You can also very easily shop by category, so whether it's a framed piece your looking for or a unique wall hanging, the scrolling opportunities are endless.


2. Artfinder


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Founded in 2011, Artfinder functions as an online marketplace that connects artists with buyers; this way, you're buying straight from the artist and supporting them directly. The site is extremely easy to navigate; organised by both style and medium. You can shop over 200,000 pieces including abstract paintings, sculpture, photography, collage, and digital art with pieces starting at $37. Artfinder also offers an 'inspiration' tab, where you can search through bestsellers and picks for the month if you're feeling stuck.


3. Bluethumb Art


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If you're on the hunt for an online store that celebrates and champions Australian artwork and artists, Bluethumb is your go-to place. The platform represents over 11,000 emerging and established artists from Australia and works with 20 of the country's most remote Aboriginal Art Centres to bring you work from right across Australia. The site even offers a 'collectable artists' tab if you're looking for a covetable forever piece to hang in your home. If you're struggling on where to buy original art online, take a scroll through the Bluethumb Art site or app.


4. Artbank


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Another unparalleled resource for Australian art, Artbank is an incredible art collection of over 11,000 Australian artworks owned by the Federal Government and available to rent to both galleries and the general public. Sure, it's not exactly the same as owning a piece, but for indecisive art collectors out there, being able to rent an impressive piece of art for a year at an annual fee is not a bad approach. You also have access to incredible artwork by artists such as John Olsen and Daniel Boyd – which, you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The site is divided by medium, date, annual rate, size and location so you can find something that works specifically for your taste and space.


5. Paper Collective


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If contemporary art and sustainable design is your bag, Copenhagen-based e-commerce art site Paper Collective should definitely be on your rotating list of where to buy furniture online. The company works with a variety of artists, designers, and illustrators to create prints, posters, cards, and accessories that are produced locally and sustainably in Denmark. The artists only use high-quality, FSC-marked material and their creations are then certified eco-friendly with an official Swan mark from the Danish government. The art on offer is also extremely affordable, so you're buying a piece that is not only great for the environment, but can work within any budget.


6. Absolut Art


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If you're a lover of art who also enjoys a vodka on the rocks, this one's for you. In 2015, Swedish alcohol brand Absolut Vodka used its decade-long years of experience working with the likes of Andy Warhol and Keith Haring; to launch its official art platform, Absolut Art. The site curates signed, numbered, limited-edition prints from contemporary artists with a mission of introducing up-and-coming collectors to the new era of collectable pieces. The art, which includes illustration, photography, graphic design, and more definitely has a cutting-edge flare. So, if you're searching for a statement piece, you'll definitely find it here.


7. Tappan


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Founded in 2012, Tappan is not only devoted to bringing collectors the best in contemporary art, it's also a platform that is committed to showcasing exceptional emerging talent through digital content, art exhibitions, and strategic partnerships. Scrolling through the site, you'll find everything from hand-sculpted pieces and ceramics, to larger-than-life paintings that will complete your home.


8. Art Pharmacy


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Accessible art is everything – and it's the premise that curator and British Museum alum Emilya Colliver founded Art Pharmacy on. The pieces on offer are affordable as a way to encourage people who are just starting out to build their collection. Art Pharmacy also prides itself on establishing a grass-roots connection with creative communities in order to elevate projects that share an important message. The site is also very easy to navigate, with all artists listed alongside an example of their work – so, you can get an immediate visual understanding of the style of piece you're looking for.


9. Saatchi Art


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One of the most notable names in the online art game, Saatchi Art is a must-visit when on the hunt for a new piece. The site features over 1.4 million original artworks; all to suit various budgets, styles, and spaces. In addition to the overwhelming offering of paintings, photography, sculptures, drawings and prints, the site also offers a complimentary advisory art service; where a team of internationally renowned curators help build a collection based on your taste and space.


10. Etsy


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This will come as no surprise, but Etsy is a goldmine for discovering unique artwork from under-the-radar creatives. The type of pieces that will make your dinner guests turn their heads. You can find everything from original photography to abstract, large-scale black and white marble-inspired creations. It's also a great way to support small businesses and local artisans.


11. Artspace


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The beauty of Artspace is that it's one of the very few online art stores that offer a 'click and purchase' approach rather than a bidding model – which is particularly rare when dealing with the calibre of art that the site offers. You can find pieces from the likes of Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami (at a handsome price, of course); as well as refreshing work from new artists on the cusp of their careers. The curators work with galleries like The Metropolitan Museum of Art, ACME in Los Angeles and The Andy Warhol Museum to bring you the best in contemporary art.


12. Lumas

What originally started as a successful Berlin photography gallery; Lumas has now grown into a networking space for over 24 galleries worldwide. The site has remained true to the gallery's original mission, offering the best in high-quality, limited-edition works from big-name photographers. Think Edward Steichen to Christian Lacroix. You are also able to select whether you want your print framed and can be made-to-order; which is particularly useful in ensuring the piece you pick is right for your space.


13. 1stDibs


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We have come to know 1stDibs as a goldmine of excellent, luxury furniture; so, it comes as no surprise that the site's art offering is just as stellar. The site is certainly a favourite of interior designers and stocks an impressive inventory of art from established galleries. The site is great for serious collectors or for those who are really looking to invest in that 'forever' piece of art. So, if you're wondering where to buy original art online from greats like Andy Warhol, Francis Banon and even Pablo Picasso, 1stDibs is the obvious option.


14. 20x200


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20x200 is all about making art accessible. So far, the site has released over 1000 editions by more than 300 artists; and each piece is produced exclusively as a limited-edition piece for 20x200. The site also works with libraries and institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Library of Congress to produce what they call 'Vintage Editions'. And because 20x200 is so passionate about art education, each piece is shipped with information about the artist and the work – so, you can get to know your art that little bit better.


15. Minted


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Online art store Minted is one of the easiest sites to navigate. The site takes a community-focused approach to the way it curates its art offerings, with prints, photography, and drawings sourced from independent makers worldwide. Each artist whose work is being sold on Minted also gets their own landing page and bio, so you can find out more about the creative you're buying from and discover more of their work. If you're struggling to find the perfect piece, Minted also offers commissioned artwork working with almost 100 different artists.


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