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We have our first look at Dakota Johnson as the next Jane Austen heroine in the Netflix adaption of ‘Persuasion’

Dakota Johnson Persuasion

Late last year, we were treated to the news that a Jane Austen anthology series was in the works. And while we certainly love nothing more than a modern reimagining of a classic tale every once in a while; the sentiment remains that sometimes sticking closely to the classics just can't be beaten. Particularly, when one of Hollywood's leading ladies is taking on the role of the highly-covetable Austen heroine. The latest star to enter the Austen universe is our beloved Dakota Johnson; who is set to star in the Netflix adaptation of Persuasion. And we finally have our first look.

Netflix has shared the first official photos from the upcoming film and let's be honest; it couldn't come any sooner.

Persuasion holds a special place in the line-up of the prolific author's novels; marking Austen's last fully-completed novel and the one with the eldest protagonist. Johnson will portray the character Anne Elliot, an Englishwoman who called-off her engagement to a Navy Caption 10 years prior. Thanks to the unwelcome advice of those around her. Now a decade on from her decision and in her late twenties, (which, is essentially the end of one's lifespan in the Austen era), Anne finds herself still living at home with her family.

After living above their means for far too long, the family decides to rent out their home to a nice, young couple to pay off their rising debts. Of course, this is an Austen novel, so naturally, the woman happens to be the sister of Anne's former fiancé. Without spoiling the ending, Anne must decide if her Navy Captain is worth the second chance – a tumultuous romance meets identity-crisis epic we've come to love Austen for.

Dakota Johnson will be joined by acclaimed theatre director Carrie Cracknel, who will helm Persuasion. Cracknel will be making her cinematic debut with this project, but has most recently directed directed Broadway’s Sea Wall/A Life; to critical acclaim.

Persuasion is set to release on Netflix on July 15. Watch the trailer, below.

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