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Jessie Eisenberg will make his directorial debut in ‘When you Finish Saving the World.’

A24 is releasing yet another coming-of-age film that explores the never-ending complexities between mother and child. This is a genre that the indie studio is highly adept at producing. When You Finish Saving the World, will probably sit closer to Lady Bird, and Waves than the harrowing horror and coming-of-age crossovers like The Witch and Hereditary. 

The film will be written and directed by Oscar-nominated Jesse Eisenberg and based on an audio Audible Original drama of the same name. Although Eisenberg has participated in other creative endeavours such as writing plays and prose fiction, When You Finish Saving the World will signify his first film on the other side of the camera.

In an interview at Sundance Eisenberg told Indie Wire, “All of my plays take place in a living room. This one couldn’t because I wanted to show what it looks like inside a domestic violence shelter to show the complexity of working in the social services sector. And all of that stuff seemed to lend itself to what I thought an original movie could be.”

What's the plot?

The plot sees mother, played by Academy Award-winning Julianne Moore and son, Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard try to replace each other, as attempts to understand each other inevitably lead to butting heads. Evelyn (Moore) takes in a struggling teenager, while Ziggy (Wooldhard) attempts to get close to a brilliant and politically conscious woman at school.

There is certainly a touch of realism to this film as we see Ziggy livestreaming his "classic folk rock with alternative influences,” in the trailer, while Evelyn is still trying to figure out what livestreaming is.

The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2022, before opening Cannes Critics' week. Ali Herting who produced A24's recent horror Bodies Bodies Bodies, comedian Dave McCary and Emma Stone serve as producers to When You Finish Saving the World

Watch the trailer below


When will the film be in cinemas?

When You Finish Saving the World will hit cinemas on January 23rd.


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