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Sydney nightlife is on the mend – The Abercrombie is back and it’s opening with a 36-hour party

the abercrombie

Maybe the warm weather has gone to our heads, but there's a sense of optimism in the air. Could this be the hot girl summer we were promised? Coming out of lockdown seems to have recharged a city desperately in need of one of those IV vitamin infusions Bella Hadid is so obsessed with. Granted, Frankie's Pizza will soon close for good, but other venues are returning from the dead. Take the Abercrombie in Chippendale, for example.

Yesterday, it was announced that the three-story venue is set to open to the public in a major way: by hosting a 36-hour party, running from 5pm, December 23 until Christmas morning. That's a Christmas miracle if I ever heard one.

Known as the birthplace of Purple Sneakers, Solotel plans to honour the venue's deep ties to Sydney's electronic music scene, with a lineup of names like Andy Garvey, dameeeela, Mike Who, Ayebatonye, as well as Astral People DJs, Domad Radio, Pure Space, Lovejoy and others planned to helm the decks of its opening party.

The events will continue across the gooch period between Boxing Day and New Years Eve too, with House of Mince, Sweat It Out and Motorik taking turns to host.

Armed with a rare 24-hour license, Solotel purchased the pub back in 2016 and has spent the years since restoring its century-old features with the help of H&E Architects and Michael Delany, while also updating it with some very flashy new ones; a world-class Funktion-One speaker system, LED lights from Babekuhl, and a DJ pyramid stage.

During the day, when club-goers are fast asleep or lying passed out on the beach, the Abercrombie will operate as a neighbourhood pub, with cocktails on tap and pizza by the slice. Upstairs on the second floor you'll find Casa Rosa, a cocktail lounge with mediterranean food and DJs spinning a web of Italo-Disco. Elsewhere sits Lil Sis, a wine bar with a takeaway license.

Catch me in the Bermuda triangle that is The Bridge Hotel, Club 77 and The Abercrombie this summer.

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