So you’re born on a cusp? But what does that mean, really?


Most people will have a strong reaction to their zodiac sign. On one hand there are those who are finely attuned to the nuances of their sign's characteristics. Then there are others who reject the school of astrology altogether. This is not for those people. However, there's a cohort of people who exist in the middle – we mean this quite literally – and tend to be those most confused in the room. We're talking about you, cusp babies.

To be born on a cusp means to celebrate your birthday on one of the five days surrounding the sun's official transition into the next sign. For example, if you are born between June 17 and June 23, the grey period when communicative Gemini evolves into homely Cancer, you might carry traits associated with both signs. While this does not mean you are appointed two sun signs, we all are either one or the other, it does explain why some people might feel torn between two signs, especially when they have opposing energies.

If you thought sun signs were complicated, wait until you learn about each of the 12 different cusps. Like most things in astrology, it's all about the details, however marginal. Like the 12 Astrological Houses, all 12 of the different cusps have individual names that correspond with the unique energy they hold. Below, we break down all of the 12 cusps. Hopefully it can offer a little clarity.


Cusp of Mystery: January 16 - 23

Where Capricorn meets Aquarius, earth meets air and practicality collides with ideas. While on first glance, you'd want to get on your knees and pray for any poor sod caught in the middle of this cusp, there's opportunity here for balance. Capricorn's hardworking nature grounds Aquarius, encouraging it to turn abstract thoughts into action. You're a visionary, with the stamina to bring your big dreams to fruition. Just don't forget about the people around you. Capricorn's fierce independence compounded with detached Aquarius may cause you to disconnect from people, drown out other opinions, and live a life of solitude. Remember to nurture your relationships as much as your ambition.


Cusp of Sensitivity: February 15 - 21

A creative cusp, it's at the transition from Aquarius to Pisces where intellect meets intuition. Both are sensitive signs, but in remarkably different ways; Aquarius is sensitive to new ideas and nuance, whereas Pisces is empathetic to the feelings of those in its orbit. It's for this reason that idealism is another thread that ties these two signs together. However, don't ask this cusp to change a light bulb, they're eccentrics and will likely greet you with a philosophical quandary over an incandescent bulb. Practicality will never be their strong suit.


Cusp of Rebirth: March 17 - 23

A dreamer with the initiative of Mars-ruled Aries. Your impatience can sometimes lead to an impulsive and potentially immature side, where your hunger for action outweighs any capacity for seeing the bigger picture. It's not all bad though. Where others falter, you're willing to dive first and take the risk. This can lead you to success, although don't get stuck if it doesn't work every time. Brash and loud, life is never dull with a Pisces-Aries cusp around. Air signs are your best companions.


Cusp of Power: April 16 - 22

A strong name for a potent combination. Mars and Venus share the floor during the Cusp of Power, which is the name for the transition from Aries to Taurus. Driven Aries is tempered by the persuasive Taurus, creating a formula fit for leadership and an appetite to enjoy its rewards as well. Taureans like nice things, that much is true, and the graft of Aries will secure it. That being said, Aries can be brash so be careful of what you pursue because the stubborn demeanour of Taurus means it won't be so easy to concede, even if it's not right for you.


Cusp of Energy: May 17 - 23

Lively and dynamic, you make friends easily and often find yourself at the centre of attention. This is because earthy Taurus is ruled by Venus and quit-witted Gemini is led by Mercury; when the two merge, so too do their corresponding sensual and outgoing traits. As the name of this cusp suggests, you're bursting with energy and have a great capacity for socialising. A good night out is your love language; whether that's exploring restaurants, vibing at a gig, or zeroing in on your date. Just be careful not to burn yourself out, whether that's emotionally, financially, or when it comes to your health. What's that old saying about too much of a good thing?


Cusp of Magic: June 17 - 23

Innately curious Gemini marries the deeply sentimental and empathetic sign of Cancer during the Cusp of Magic. This combination means that people born on this cusp are emotionally intelligent and led by instinct over fact. To others you may appear childlike, affectionate, a dependable confidant. Given how driven you are by feelings, you may struggle to find perspective and find yourself stuck on loop with your own emotions. Look outward to break moodiness, and remember to update others on your life too. Stiff upper lips only lead to constipation and self-pity.


Cusp of Oscillation: July 19 - 25

The Cusp of Oscillation has the potential to be volatile as the Moon-led Cancer shifts into the Sun-ruled Leo. Water and fire. Internal and external. Sensitive Cancer paired with proud Leo can manifest into defensiveness, self-absorption, and tendencies to be dramatic and manipulative. Harness this duality and people born on the Cusp of Oscillation have the emotional intelligence and charisma to lead and uplift others. You're nurturing at heart, courageous and devoted, with self-awareness you can channel these traits above all else.


Cusp of Exposure: August 19 - 25

In late August, we drift from Leo season to the month of Virgo, the maiden. Fire collides with Earth and the Sun meets Mercury. Together, the passion of Leo and the patience of Virgo presents people with tenacity and a strong constitution. You have a predisposition towards activism, knowledge and rousing change. You aim to impress and for this reason, hold others to your high standards. This can lead to a shadow self which is critical, overbearing or controlling, with a little tact and your powers of observation you can overcome this.


Cusp of Beauty: September 19 - 25

A harmony of signs, the transition from Virgo to Libra is favourably referred to as the Cusp of Beauty. This does not mean those born under this cusp are vain or self-obsessed, although material things are your achilles heel. Blending the traits of Venus and Mercury can result in people who have a clear understanding of justice; you tend to be gracious and generous. When you speak, people listen. You may struggle with perfectionism, our advice is let go. Unlike your own ideals, not all things can be polished or faultless.


Cusp of Drama: October 19 - 25

What a name! Although it perfectly captures the spirit of what happens when Libra meets Scorpio and Venus collides with Pluto. On one hand, Libras are cool-headed, fair-minded and fair-looking. These traits take on a dark intensity when paired with watery Scorpio. You're a truth-teller, seductive and enigmatic, and oftentimes people find you intimidating. You have strong intuition and find reading the room a breeze. However, this skill can bring out a cynical side to you, judging others before you've given them a chance and confusing truth with rudeness. Which is a shame as it means people miss out on your tender side too.


Cusp of Revolution: November 18 - 24

Rebel without a cause. The Cusp of Revolution breeds people with a wild streak. It fuses the intensity of Scorpio with the adventurous nature of Sagittarius. You're a force to be reckoned with and other might find this polarising, but forget about what they think. We see it as all killer no filler. Beware people who want to tie you down, that will lead to feelings of frustration and a certain fizzling out.


Cusp of Prophecy: December 18 - 24

Jupiter and Sagittarius seek expansion, while Saturn and Capricorn are disciplinarians. Pair the two together and you create a visionary who possesses both the foresight and the stamina to bring it into fruition. Your pursuit of greatness paired with Capricorn's tunnel vision can make you lonely at times or shut off from the world around you. Don't forget to look up from time-to-time and take stock of all you already have.

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