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Netflix is adapting yet another psychological Reddit thriller and this one is set to star Blake Lively

We Used To Live Here

Streaming platform Netflix is certainly making its case in the horror movie space; continuously growing its portfolio of psychological thrillers and nightmare-inducing tales. First, we had the long-awaited true-crime documentary,  Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness, which offered a deep-dive into the uprising of Satanic Panic throughout the 70s. In the realm of fiction, the horror trilogy Fear Street will land next month; if you wanted to throw it back to some all-time Scream moments. But of course, that simply is not enough for Netflix, who is adding another standout thriller to the list; We Used To Live Here.

The psychological thriller novella was originally written by author Marcus Kliewer; as part of the famed Reddit nosleep feature series. The harrowing tale follows the story of a new homeowner who receives a knock on her door while her partner is still at work. On the other side stands a family of five; the father introduces himself, stating that this was the house he once grew up in and was wondering if he could show his family around. If it were me, I would have shut the door and bolt-locked it to no return. But if that were the cases in We Used To Live Here, then we would simply have no horror story.

Despite the family's peculiarities, the homeowner makes the decision to let them inside – one she immediately regrets when a vicious snowstorm hits and the family refuses to leave.

Naturally, this thrilling tale immediately caught my interest; so it wasn't long before I had found myself nose deep in the Reddit thread. And let me tell you, I'm not even halfway through and I can already tell this will be a hit. Blake Lively, who is no stranger to psychological thrillers, has been confirmed to star as the film's leading lady. And if her appointment is anything to go by, this film might turn out to be jam-packed with A-listers.

We Used To Live Here isn't the only nosleep feature Netflix is adapting, with the streaming platform also previously purchasing Matt Query's My Wife & I Bought a Ranch. No word yet on when we can expect to see either of the films on screen; but stay tuned for more details to come.

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