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Life not frightening enough? Add the Netflix horror trilogy, ‘Fear Street’ to your watchlist

Fear Street Netflix

We can all agree, life might seem frightening enough right now. And rightly so. But what could possibly be a better distractor than removing ourselves from our current tragedy to indulge in a scarier, alternate universe of terror? Streaming platforms – the current gatekeepers of the entertainment universe – as always, seem to identify our kryptonite before we even realise it ourselves. This time, it comes courtesy of a new Netflix horror trilogy, Fear Street; which is rumoured to be one of the platform's biggest drops this year.

The series, which will be dropping over three consecutive weeks, will each be set in a different era; beginning in the year of 1994. Fear Street will focus on a group of teenagers who discover that the series of recent unfortunate and harrowing events happening in their hometown; Shadyside, Ohio, could be all connected to a 300-year-old curse. We love a 'step back in time' moment.

If the terrifying trilogy is ringing a few nightmarish bells, it could be because it's actually based on the 1989 book series of the same name. Authored by R.L. Stine; the series was originally positioned as a teenage-oriented counterpart to the blockbuster and hugely influential Goosebumps series. So, you can rest assured knowing that this tale is coming from a seasoned horror professional.

As for the cast, Fear Street will see Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch at the helm; portraying a queer couple from different time periods navigating a relationship amidst the chaos of evil spirits and forces. Fear Street will also get a special appearance from Netflix alumni, Maya Hawke and Sadie Sink of Stranger Things. Cue the series' teaser trailer which sees Hawke channel ultimate Scream energy. A brick phone, heavy breathing and a ghost-faced killer.

Fear Street will finally be coming to Netflix this July. But until we get an official release date, take a minute to escape from reality with this spooky trailer.


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