What your Venus sign says about you as a lover

Eyes Wide Shut

While our Sun signs, the sign under which we are born, can tell us a lot about ourselves, there is a limit to the information it can offer. We are complex beings. We are all made up of a myriad of personality traits influenced by all the aspects of our astrological charts - our Risings, Moon signs, houses and planets.

One of the most important aspects of who we are is our relationship style - what we're like in a relationship. How do we relate to others? What are our love styles and what are we like as partners? This particular area of our lives is governed by our Venus sign - the position of Venus when you were born.

Venus is the planet governing our love lives and how we relate to other people, and so our Venus sign can help uncover what you're like as a partner, as a lover and as a friend. If you're interested in what you're like in a relationship, here's what your Venus sign reveals. Make sure to check your Venus sign first - I use Co-Star.


Venus in Aries

We know Aries is the warrior sign. As such, when your Venus is in Aries you'll be a fiery partner, one that loves competition. Those with a Venus in Aries will be naturally flirty and aren't afraid of a little playful fighting. You love the chase and the early phases of a relationship - the discovery and the excitement.


Venus in Taurus

Taurus is an Earth sign, one that loves to indulge and revel in nature. Those with a Venus in Taurus are people that love to indulge all their senses, through smell, touch, sight, sounds and taste. This Venus sign is sensual and loving, but it needs extra reassurance through words of affirmation. Since Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, it's already naturally romantic. When your Venus is in Taurus, this romantic energy is heightened.


Venus in Gemini

Geminis are communicators, if your Venus is in Gemini, communication will play a big part in how you behave in a relationship. You prefer to talk openly about how you feel and it's very important to you that your partner does the same. Those with a Gemini Venus may also find it challenging to settle down, their natural curiosity means they love to discover new things, especially in the world of romance.


Venus in Cancer

If your Venus is in Cancer, you'll need to feel safe, secure and loved before you're willing to open up to anyone. You're emotional when it comes to matters of the heart. But you will find immense pleasure and joy from building a relationship based on connection and mutual trust. You're someone that prefers a cosy movie night rather than dinner at a fancy restaurant.


Venus in Leo

Leo is a sign that knows what it wants, and isn't afraid to tell you. If your Venus is in Leo, you will be a flamboyant lover. Someone who is passionate and loves to celebrate their relationship. If these people are in love, you'll be sure to hear about it. Those with a Leo Venus will also need - and even expect - romantic attention. They need regular affirmation through actions and words to feel loved.


Venus in Virgo

Earthy, analytical, perfectionist Virgo will bring all of these sensibilities into romance as your Venus sign. You will show love by looking to help or improve your partner. It's worth noting that not everyone can be "fixed", so try not to let improvement be the theme of your romantic life. These people have all the right intentions; a loyal and totally devoted desire to aid their partner in any way possible. Just remember that emotions and feelings do not need to be quantified, and you'll have more fun in romance when you realise that life cannot always be perfect.


Venus in Libra

Similar to Taurus, Libra is a sign that is also ruled by Venus. As such, Libra is naturally romantic - and quite passionate. If your Venus is in the sign of Libra, this natural trait will be heightened. These are the people that remember anniversaries and will be sure to bring you flowers. Libra is harmonious, and these people are easy to date and get along with. They hate fighting, which means they can often ignore problems to keep the peace - and these can snowball. If your Libra is in Venus, remember to speak up when you need to. If you're dating someone with a Venus in Libra, keep communication open and encourage them to be honest.


Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio is probably the most passionate sign of the zodiac, so if your Venus is in Scorpio, you will be a highly-sexual and intense lover. These people love romance with a little danger mixed in to keep things interesting. They crave eroticism but also deep intimacy and love. Beware of crossing someone with a Venus in Scorpio. If you betray them as a lover, be ready to feel the full power of their vindictiveness.

Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a sign of travel. As such, if your Venus is in Sagittarius, you may have trouble settling down. You have a wondering eye and love to explore. Your turn-ons include adventure and open-mindedness, and you're willing to say "yes" to most new experiences. You'll do best with a partner who also has a Venus in Sagittarius, someone who has the same love of exploration and adventure.


Venus is Capricorn

Capricorns are pragmatic. If your Venus is in this stoic sign, you will be searching for a partner who you can build a future with. You're not interested in investing your time in one-off flings. You'll need stability in order to move forward in a relationship, and you need to be up front about this. On the other side, this Venus sign experiences passion through experimenting with power dynamics. They can even be a little kinky once they're comfortable in a relationship.


Venus in Aquarius

If your Venus is in this Air sign, you're someone that's not into labels. You prefer to defy convention. You might have a distanced approach to love, but that's just because you're someone that isn't into cutesy baby names. It doesn't mean you're not a devoted partner. Just remember that some might interpret your aloofness as indifference, so be sure to reassure your partner, particularly if they're one of the more emotional signs of the zodiac.


Venus in Pisces

A dreamer, if your Venus is in Pisces, you're someone that values creativity. Having someone write you a poem means more than an expensive necklace or a fancy dinner. These Venus signs are very spiritual and will need help staying grounded. They also have an intense fantasy world, and if you're lucky, they might invite you into it.

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