How to make the most of the upcoming Gemini New Moon

gemini new moon 2023

Geminis get a bad rap. They are often characterised as flakey, fickle, two-faced, or somewhat duplicitous. Some people boast they won't date Geminis. There is even a book that just came out called Never Trust A Gemini.

Of course this is unfair. But, like all narratives that take hold in the popular imagination, such “truths” are hard to shake. And yet shake this Gemini narrative we will. Why? So you can align with this New Moon on June 18th and see that there’s more to the Twins' energy than frenetic cattiness or snide back-biting.

Instead, think of this Gemini New Moon as an excellent time to set intentions around business-related themes: trading, commerce, negotiation, sweet-talking clients, and flashing more wit and playfulness on social media to lighten the mood of your brand. 

The astrological reason for this is that we need to take a slight step back. Context is everything, especially with Astrology. Each New or Full Moon has a ruling planet (sort of like a CEO for a given lunation). In the case of this New Moon, the Moon’s CEO is speedster Mercury. This is due to the fact that Mercury always rules over Gemini. By extension, the Moon will be ruled by Mercury, too, as it passes through the sign of the Twins.

Now Mercury is a complex and fascinating planet. It’s our fastest moving one, always changing, hustling, going retrograde, getting too close to the Sun, burning up and burning out. Given this speed, we associate it with conveyances, communications, commerce, anything having to do with quick movement between things. 

When ill-dignified (meaning it is afflicted by inauspicious aspects with other planets or signs), Mercury’s influence on us becomes, in the words of the great Renaissance astrologer William Lily, “troublesome…Phrenetick…[with our] tongue and Pen against every man". Moreover, we may find ourselves prone to lying, prattling, falsehoods, and nosiness. In other words, channelling the unfair version of Gemini we started this article off with. 

But, when well-placed or “dignified” (meaning it doesn't have bad aspects afflicting it), Mercury’s influence activates, according to Lily, “intellect, and cogitation;” it energises “much eloquence in speech;” and inspires a “genius to produce wonders.”

The question now is are we getting the frenetic/bad or genius/good Mercury for this Gemini New Moon?. The answer, of course, depends on what the Messenger Planet is doing transit-wise. Is it retrograde (not so good)? Or is it transiting a sign that it doesn't have a lot in common with (Cancer or Taurus, say)? If either answer here is “yes”, we should expect a nasty little Moon.

Thankfully, Mercury is at “home” in Gemini right now. A planet at “home” or in rulership is powerful and productive. All the good qualities of that planet get enriched, while simultaneously, it’s protected from bad energies/enemies. People who were born with Mercury in Gemini generally are blessed with the ability to have the wonderful gift of the gab. This is the type of person you want at your dinner party, regaling with tall tales and witty asides. It’s basically the Oscar Wilde of the Zodiac. Mercury is also moving fast and direct (another bonus) and indicating that things can move quickly, connecting, doing deals, getting traction. Or being able to find that wonderful retort at just the right time. 

It wouldn’t be a stretch, therefore, to say that this might be one of the best New Moons of the year, a time to fully align with the unencumbered, super-charged positive power of Mercurial/Gemini. On this New Moon, put yourself in position to have others over so you can play the witty host (this is a social moon). 

Because Mercury governs speech and communication, this Moon betokens a moment to plan out an essay, the chapter of your next book, a PR campaign, or set of social media posts. 

And, because Gemini is super flexible (it’s our mutable air sign), this should also be thought of as a time to engage in the nimble give and take of business negotiations or deal-making, whether in the marketplace of goods and services or ideas. 

The Moon’s nature is soft, warm, caring. Mixed with a happy and ever curious Mercury-in-Gemini, this is also a romantic transit for looking into a fantasy with a partner that involves communication in all its forms–from risque pillow talk to loving, sweet nothings spoken during the afterglow of heavy petting. Enjoy.

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Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash