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Vanessa Kirby, Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern are set to share the screen in upcoming film, “The Son”

Vanessa Kirby The Son

If the name Florian Zeller sounds familiar, you may remember the French novelist and playwright from his directorial debut, The Father. Yes, the very film that won Anthony Hopkins the Oscar earlier this year for Best Actor. As the sentiment goes, when you land on a good thing, keep going – right? Which, is exactly the approach Zeller is taking for his next film, The Son, and he's bringing Vanessa Kirby along for the ride.

In ordere to follow on from the likes of Olivia Colman and Hopkins; Kirby naturally isn't the only A-list star to join the film. The Pieces of a Woman Oscar-nominated actor will be starring alongside Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern; which is reason enough to be excited.

Similarly to The FatherThe Son is also an adaptation of another one of Zeller's critically acclaimed stage plays. Like I said, when you have a good thing... The film focuses on the main character, Peter (portrayed by Jackman), and his chaotic but happy life with his new partner Emma (Kirby) and their baby. That is, until his ex-wife Kate (Dern), turns up with their teenage son, Nicholas – in a bid to help their troubled son overcome the trauma of their divorce.

"Peter strives to be a better father, searching to help his son with those intimate and instinctive moments of family happiness. But the weight of Nicholas’ condition sets the family on a dangerous course," as Variety reports.

The film is expected to start production in the next couple of weeks; and if The Son is as moving as we're anticipating, it could earn Vanessa Kirby her second Oscar nomination.

Speaking to Variety about Kirby's involvment in the film, Zeller shared; “Vanessa Kirby is for me a very great actress: intense, inventive and powerful. I am especially happy to take her on this cinematic adventure."

Stay tuned for more details on the film – including who will play the titular role – to come.


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