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In news akin to gay Christmas, The L-Word: Generation Q is returning for season two in August

The L-Word: Generation Q

Gird your gay loins! The L-Word's youthful reboot, The L-Word: Generation Q is returning for a dramatic second season, and the official trailer has just dropped.

The absolute mess of everyone's love life appears to continue well into the second season, and we love to see it. Picking up where season one shuddered to a nail biting halt - the aftermath of Sophie’s decision at the airport, where we finally find out whether she’s chosen Dani or Finley. How could we forget?

As for the rest of them, “In the wake of her divorce, Shane throws herself into finding new ways to keep the bar thriving, while Alice is surprised when writing her first book steers her whole life in a new direction,” the official synopsis reads. “Micah is pushed to reckon with his identity as he navigates big changes in his career and love life, while Gigi’s journey to move on from Nat (guest star Stephanie Allynne) and Alice takes an unexpected turn.” Meanwhile, "Bette’s personal and professional pursuits force her to reexamine her roots – something Angie also questions and explores in her own way,”

For those who watched the original L-Word and became viscerally wrapped up in the drama that occurred, you'll remember well that while a salacious piece of television, expansive representation wasn't the show's strong suit. This is where The L-Word: Generation Q steps it up. Where lacking in hilarious naughties outfits, it makes up for in a broad, diverse cast of folx from many intersecting identities. The refreshing new alum includes Sophie (Rosanny Zayas), Dani (Erienne Mandi), Micah (Leo Sheng)  and Finley (Jacqueline Toboni), as well as our old favourites, Shane (Katherine Moennig) (looking as hot and androgynous as ever), Alice (Leisha Hailey), Bette (Jennifer Beals) (also extremely hot and powerful energy), and even Tina (Laurel Holloman), who, in the trailer, seems to be shacked up with someone else.

The L Word: Generation Q season two will premiere August 8 with ten episodes running weekly until the October 11 season finale. The first season, alongside the upcoming season two, is available to watch in Australia via Stan. Gather your friends, text your ex, it's about to get messy!

Watch the trailer, below.

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