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Watch the trailer for Shia LeBeouf’s new film, ‘Pieces of a Woman’


A new feature film starring Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf titled, Pieces of a Woman, debuted its first devastating and moving trailer on November 18, and we are almost speechless at the thought of the feature film, which will be in select theatres and on Netflix in December.

The trailer shows Kirby, who portrays an upper-middle-class pregnant woman named Martha, and her husband Sean (played by LeBeouf) who, after staying in a fractured relationship with the hope of their newborn knitting their relationship back together, lose their child during birth. The result appears to be a heart-wrenchingly raw portrayal of coping with the loss of a child and navigating marriage in the wake of such tragedy. The film deals with themes of trauma, loss, addiction, and love.

The result is a film that looks closely at what happens after such immense tragedy and the legal fallout which ensues after the couple loses their baby at the hands of a home-birth gone wrong, with a midwife that now faces criminal charges. It has been said that the narrative is based on the shared personal experience of writer Kata Wéber and director Kornél Mundruczó, which is likely why the production feels so deeply personal and raw. This, coupled with critically acclaimed performances from Kirby and LeBeouf, which move the film to new heights, is what makes it all feel like you are following the tragedy of loved ones, even through the three-minute trailer.

The film has been directed by Hungarian filmmaker Kornél Mundruczó, with the script by Kata Wéber. The film has been brokered by Netflix in a worldwide distribution deal, Martin Scorsese served as an executive producer on the project, alongside producers Kevin Turen and Ashley Levinson under Little Lamb Productions, with Aaron Ryder.

You can watch the trailer for Pieces of a Woman, below.

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