Will Valentine’s Day 2023 be a good day for love?

valentine's day astrology forecast 2023

As kids, some of us may remember reading a series of books called Choose Your Own Adventure. Every few paragraphs or so, the narrative would let you make a decision on the direction of the narrative itself: “if you want to approach the witchy woman in the ominous black cloak, turn to page 36; if you want to run into the dark woods to avoid her, turn to page 67.” Written in the second person, these magical stories endowed the reader with an agency nonexistent in other reading practices.

Now, you’re making Valentine’s Day plans, and you consult the Stars to see what they’re saying. If you want to understand your forecast for February 14th, go to the next paragraph; if you want to figure out the astrological weather for the 15th, go to paragraph seven. Let’s call this, Choose Your Own Astrology – with very different narrative arcs involved in the story of each transit.

On Valentine’s Day proper, the Moon sits opposite libidinal Mars. Whenever we are dealing with questions of romance, the Moon, our emotional centre, should factor into our equations, as much as possible. The Moon helps determine how we feel about something, what our mood for the evening might be. But the Moon doesn’t work well alone. Unlike the Sun, which manspreads the chart and sky, the Moon is reflective and especially changeable. More than all others, it takes on the energy of the various planets, chameleon-like.

In our case, Mars will be working with, or rather against, the Moon. Mars causes trouble. It’s hotheaded and confrontational, divisive and temperamental. Rather than making a helpful “trine” aspect (that is, 120 degree angle between planets), the fact that this Martian energy “opposes” the Moon (i.e., an 180 degree angle between the two) augurs a night at sixes and sevens: expect short-fuses, testiness, emotions running hot.

But, at the same time, expect heightened erotic charge from Mars opposite Moon. Mars doesn’t just stand for confrontation: it’s also associated with sexual appetite and activity. You may bicker with a date at dinner about the gender politics of the rom-com they just took you to (Mars/Moon) but you might also find yourself in the mood for lust, if not love afterward (also Mars/Moon).

So, Valentine’s Day: erotically spicy, emotionally rocky. And while this kind of combustion is no doubt appealing, we thought it best to at least allow you to choose another astrological adventure, because the day after Valentine’s is much different.

On the 15th, lovely Venus forms a conjunction with Neptune-in-Pisces. Here, we go from steamy to dreamy. Unlike the oppositional energy of Moon/Mars, Venus/Neptune portends a Cinderella romantic valence–brief and swooning. This could mean something like seeing your helpmate in a new mysterious light. After all, Neptune is known for adding fantasy to reality. Planet Love+Neptune could put hearts in your eyes, whereby you perceive your coupledom attired in gowns and princely crowns at a Ball, even if you’re just grabbing a bite at the taco truck in old jean shorts.

And what if you’re not coupled up? What does this Venus/Neptune transit indicate for someone out at a bar, looking for trouble or love?

The shadow side to this transit is getting too swept away. Venus wants to join people, while Neptune functions to shuffle reality and fantasy. You could get emotional attachment to chimaeras. The Prince drinking a pint in glass slippers is likely really just a taco truck. Be savvy with your heart and desire.

No matter which adventure you take around Valentine’s (planning a date around the fantasy novel of Neptune/Venus or the erotica of Mars/Moon), know that the tale ends with grim Saturn on the 16th, when the Taskmaster meets the Sun in objective Aquarius. This is a back-to-the-grind transit, an abrupt conclusion to the Valentine’s spice of Mars/Moon and the sugar of Venus/Neptune The Sun, Saturn, and Aquarius are about shining light on things to reveal their sober truth–like the fact that romance is fleeting but love and commitment can last a long time through work. That might be the best story line of all.


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