The upcoming Leo Full Moon will bring some drama into every zodiac sign’s life

leo full moon horoscopes

Time for some emotional drama. Finally. On February 6, we have a Full Moon in needy Leo, and that’s a good thing. Why?

We’ve been deep in cold Saturn-ruled signs (Cap and Aquarius, respectively) since late December, and the un-emotive jag we’re on is getting a bit tiresome. The Waterbearer and the Goat (which sounds like the title to a gloomy experimental theatre piece) are not for warm embraces. Rather, they resemble characters in some minimal off-Broadway play, each sitting at a long, stark table, eating soup and carping. Samuel Beckett comes to mind.

Just when the tedious dialogue can’t get worse, enter drama queen Leo Full Moon stage left to inject some “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” emotional ruckus into the currently staid cosmic stagecraft. Things, all of a sudden, get interesting.

We know that, astrologically, Full Moons always occur in the sign opposite the Sun. Symbolically, these lunations suggest counterweights to the prevailing sentiment of the season. Aquarius is cool, hyper-cerebral, distant, independent, and understated. The Leo Full Moon, in contrast, is attention-seeking, fiery, emotional, extra, and dramatic. In other words, it’s just what we need at the midpoint of the Waterbearer’s month. It’s like a little intermission in a play–or a bit of comic relief in a drama.

As such, the Leo Full Moon augurs a moment for us to act out, to make a scene. This doesn't mean to behave badly. But it does mean there is going to be more heat, passion, and reactivity in the air on the 5th. Leo, after all, is a fire sign, ruled by the Sun. It flares up. It creates situations. It’s loud. It voices opinions. It’s time for you to voice yours.

As we move toward February 5th, enjoy our little Leo Full Moon horoscopes to show you where to expect some drama in your chart.


A fiery Full Moon in your House of Romance and Sex? Yes, please. Leo always implies dramatic flair, so bring a bit of role play into the boudoir to align completely with this lunation. And put your needs first this Moon.


The showy Leo Full Moon flits through your Home zone. Have some people over, entertain, sit around the dining room table. But as the night deepens with wine, beware of too much passion and raised voices. This isn’t a Cassavettes movie. It’s dinner with friends.


The bold Leo Full Moon lights a fire in your Communication sector. Be forewarned, though, that this lunation indicates the potential for long Hamlet-esque monologues. Share the mic, Gem. You already tend to hog it, and this Moon will only exacerbate matters.


With the flashy Leo Full Moon lighting up your Money zone, you could be wanting to spend some ducats. Take a group of friends out to see “The Banshees of Inisherin.” Talk about friend-drama: that movie is very intense.


Think of this Leo Full Moon in your Selfhood zone as a big spotlight for a one-man play, starring you. Have some friends over for the Leo show, an evening of improv and uninterrupted monologue.


The Leo Moon enters your zone of Secrets and Private Affairs. Here, Leo drama will pertain to your past. Yet, because Leo is an exhibitionist energy (and because privacy no longer exists), post something emotional on social media about days of yore to get attention. Always get their attention.


With the me-first Leo Full Moon highlighting your Friendship zone, think about speaking up when out at a bar with a confidante this lunation. You tend to listen and deliberate, as others talk. But prepare a monologue for the occasion–something about work or romance. Anything you need to get off your chest. Your friends are there to listen, too, you know.


The Leo Full Moon lights up your Career zone. Leo indicates leadership energy–can you bring your co-workers together, so as to finish a lingering group project? Full Moons are for completing things. Just make sure you get the credit.


With the Leo Full Moon in your Higher Learning sector, attend a lecture on an advanced topic (the sociology of forms?) to align with this part of the chart, then ask a long question during Q & A to align with the Leo Moon’s spotlight fixations.


The exhibitionist Leo Full Moon transits your Intimacy zone. Nice. This isn’t a transit for Hide and Seek, but for Show and Tell. You tend to be reticent. Get over that in time for the curtains to be drawn. It’s showtime.


With the fiery Leo Full Moon in your Relationship zone, take a helpmate or business partner out and look for some drama. Confrontation isn’t a bad thing. If handled well, it leads to insight, action, achievement, and fulfilment.


The spectacle-driven Leo Full Moon transits your Routine zone. With your need for attention heightened by this lunation, add some spice to your routine by filming and then posting video of yourself vacuuming your living room. And then? Wait for people to comment on how clean and legit amazing your space looks.

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