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Creative Valentine’s Day ideas and ways to celebrate with your partner

Valentine's Day is more than just the gifts you give your partner. It's an all-encompassing experience in showering one another with extra affection for one day of the year, almost like a bonus anniversary where couples across the world share their love. While endless gift guides circulate every year with foolproof ways to treat your partner to a present, formulating creative ideas on how to actually spend your Valentine's Day isn't as straightforward.

While there's certainly nothing with spending the day doing the bare minimum (save for a few treats and roses here and there), for those looking to make the most of the day, there's no better time to upgrade from conventional celebrations and engage in something a touch more extravagant. From stargazing, to glamping to a slew of handy classes to take together, here are 30 creative ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day this year.

Spend a weekend away at a luxury getaway




Enjoy a morning in bed – no interruptions




Spend the afternoon grazing on a hamper in the hills



Treat each other to a couples spa retreat




Celebrate the taste of love with a cooking class




Spend a day on the harbour



Find your perfect mix with a cocktail class




Set-up a luxury couples picnic 


Enjoy a lunch of local produce down by the sea 



Release your creative side with an acrylic paint pouring class




Cook a romantic, spicy dinner for two



Book a glamorous staycation for the weekend


Valenine's Day ideas


Take in the cities best views

Cook a romantic meal at home for one another 


Valentine's Day Ideas

Embrace adventure with a scenic hike




Hit the road



Complete a paint and sip art class 


Valentine's Day Ideas


Escape to an (almost) deserted island



Take in an exhibition at the NGV 



Enjoy a specially-curated Valentine's Day feast




Snuggle up at a Moonlight Cinema




Spend the night glamping in the vines 



Curate your own bouquet at a floristry arrangement class




Select a drop (or two) from your favourite local wine cellar




Pair said wine with a mouthwatering selection of cheeses




Set up under the stars for an evening of stargazing



Sit down for a Valentine's Day banquet dinner 




Chocolate pralines of all varieties to finish the night off


If you prefer spending the night in and treating one another to a scrumptious dinner, read through to our selection of romantic Valentine's Day recipe ideas to inspire a home-cooked meal. Finish the day with a much needed snuggle on the couch, accompanied by some of the best Valentine's Day movies Hollywood has to offer.

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