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The best Valentine’s Day movies we’re watching this year

Many of us will be staying at home this Valentine's Day, which thankfully might decrease the corny madness usually plaguing the streets (though likely not). In the spirit of staying in, we're turning to the screens to get our romantic fix. Whether you're indulging with a partner, pal, or on your own, these are the best Valentines Day movies - a low-impact excuse to lean into the romance with a classic.


Dirty Dancing


The classic of all classics. When Baby is set to holiday at a sleepy resort in the Catskills with her parents, she is ready to rebel until she meets the resort's dance instructor, Johnny. Johnny enlists Baby as his new dance partner and things heat up between the two until Baby's father, who forbids her from seeing Johnny, causes a rift in the romance.

10 Things I Hate About You


The teen romance dream we never had. The heartthrob of a story follows sisters Bianca and Kat who couldn't be more opposite. When popular Bianca is told she isn't allowed to date until her older, anti-social liberal sister Kat has a boyfriend, Bianca enlists the help of a grungy loner boy (and potential arsonist) to seal the deal.

Romeo and Juliet (1996)


You know the drill! The Verona's two well-established Capulet and Montague families, The rivalry between the two, and the tragic relationship of their children Romeo and Juliet.

Notting Hill


Before Hugh Grant looked like he melted, he starred in one of the best British rom-coms in history. When famous actress Anna bumps into a doting English bookseller named William, he somehow ends up in an unlikely, awkward romantic entanglement with her.

Moonrise Kingdom

The sweetest film to ever grace screens. Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom follows Sam, a 12-year-old orphan, who falls in love with Suzy. The pair run away to a secluded island, prompting the children's entire town to search for the missing pair.

A Single Man

Tom Ford's cinematic masterpiece takes its shape as it follows George, a depressed middle-aged man who is on the verge of taking his life after his partner died in a car accident. As he plans his day to get his affairs in order, a series of events occur to make him question his decision.

First Wives Club


For those on the other side of the Valentines Day fence, Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler, will inevitably bring you reprieve. The trio play wives suddenly put out to pasture by their husbands experiencing midlife-crises, and plot to take them out with the trash for it.


In Seattle during the grunge era, the lives and relationships of a group of young people all living in the same apartment building begin to shift as the film follows the flux of their realities.

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