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Travis Scott is teaming up with A24 for an album-movie type thing

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Travis Scott and A24, two entities in pursuit of world domination, are reportedly teaming up to create a film together and, man! Scott really loves entertainment.

The news was revealed via a photo of a script with a partially covered title that Scott shared to his Instagram yesterday. According to Variety, the project is called Utopia. “Life is a movie. So is this album.” Scott captioned the post revealing the project, which was made in collaboration with Cactus Jack, Scott’s personal record label. Variety also reported that both Scott (as his own entity) and Cactus Jack have sealed a deal with A24, and are set to create films together. Emphasis on the plural!!


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Almost everything about Utopia is under wraps at the moment, with little to work with by way of enlightenment, we just thought you might want to know what is on the boil for Scott's next creative endeavour.

For those who are unsure what A24 is, A24 productions is a production company that has taken over the zeitgeist in the past year, having helmed projects such as Euphoria, Moonlight, Midsommar, Zola and Uncut Gems. Known for its tendency to gravitate towards gritty plots with a penchant for gel lights, it feels like a natural coupling for Scott's foray into film, and who knows, maybe he'll be on the cards for an Oscar because of it!

While we won't know about that for a while, Scott is gearing up to release his fourth album. Earlier this year, he reportedly said to Variety, “I’m totally working on an album. I definitely care more about making albums than just dropping songs. I like dropping songs as much as I wanna drop them, but I love albums. I grew up on them.” That's so funny Trav, we love albums, too.

Stay tuned on more updates on Utopia, which will undoubtedly emerge.


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