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Adwoa Aboah and Emily Ratajkowski are starring in Lena Dunham’s latest TV series ‘Too Much’

Lena Dunham Too Much

It's been seven years since Lena Dunham's Girls was last on our screens. In that time, Dunham has written and directed two films – Sharp Stick and Catherine, Called Birdy – with a Polly Pocket-inspired one on the way; she's starred in Treasure with Stephen Fry and built The C Word with Alissa Bennett, a juicy podcast that rescues the women society has deemed "crazy" from history's dustbin. Now for her next project, Dunham is set to return to TV with a romantic comedy called Too Much. Here's everything we know about the 10-part series so far.


Too Much will follow Jessica, a New York-based workaholic in her mid 30s who is coming to terms with the end of a relationship she thought would stick. Deep in the breakup stage of isolating everyone she knows and finding reminders of her own bad behaviour of every NYC block, Jessica finds her only solution is, naturally, to pack up and leave for London.

Determined to lead a life of solitude, her plans are foiled when she meets Felix, who is “less Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and more Hugh Grant’s drunk roommate". Though their chemistry is palpable, their relationship creates more problems than it solves. And Felix's ex Polly is everything Jessica is not...

Billed as an expat romcom, the Netflix series will dive into the age old divide, that is, the Atlantic, and ask if true love is actually possible.


Dunham has drawn a stacked cast for Too Much, balancing famed New Yorkers with English faces. Megan Stalter is playing Jessica, while Will Sharpe from The White Lotus is starring as Felix.

Joining the pair is Emily Ratajkowski as Polly, Adwoa Aboah, Janicza Bravo, Stephen Fry, Dean Charles-Chapman from Game of Thrones, Rita Wilson, Richard E. Grant from Saltburn, Rhea Perlman, Andrew Rannells who you'll remember as Elijah from Girls, Daisy Bevan, Leo Reich, and more.

This time around Lena Dunham will sit out from acting, focusing her efforts on directing the production.


In a fitting pairing, Lena Dunham has co-created Too Much with her husband, English musician Luis Felber, and his band Attawalpa will provide original music for the series. In many ways, the story mirrors their own, with enough differences in plot to throw off the scent.

The series will also be produced by Working Title and Good Thing Going.

Release date

Too Much will debut on Netflix, however no official date has been confirmed. We do know that production will begin filming in the UK in 2024.

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Image: Netflix