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Chanel and Cinema: Watch Tilda Swinton break down ‘The Eternal Daughter’ at Venice Film Festival

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Chanel and cinema is a natural pairing. The French Maison has long aligned itself with the most interesting and daring film projects. It feels fitting then, that Chanel would be found front and centre at Venice Film Festival. As the festivities roll on, actress and Chanel ambassador, Tilda Swinton, took a moment of reprieve to speak with co-star Carly-Sophia Davies following the debut of The Eternal Daughter, in which they both lead.

Swinton and Davies sat down with Chanel to discuss the process of creating the film, which was entirely improvised under the signature guidance of its director Joanna Hogg. In the accompanying video, the two actresses take audiences through the characters, their development and the much-appreciated support of Chanel throughout the festival. As Davies tells Swinton, Chanel's presence has allowed her to enjoy the experience even more. "I feel comfortable. I feel like me," she shares.

For those who are yet to discover the film, The Eternal Daughter follows an artist and her ageing mother as they return to their former family home. It's about grief, regret and the qualities we inherit. A24 is behind its production, which you'll soon realise is no surprise as it's a haunting film. Swinton describes it in the video as a "ghost story". Although she explains, "some people might find it a horror – it depends what your relationship with your mother is".

You can preview the conversation between Tilda Swinton and Carly-Sophia Davies in the video provided by Chanel, below.

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