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Naomi Watts’ wardrobe is our favourite character in Netflix mystery ‘The Watcher’

the watcher outfits

Mostly people are strapping in for The Watcher because they're masochists and love a spooky mystery. Me? Jennifer Coolidge was the sole drawcard. That is until I began paying attention to the outfits of Nora Brannock, the prim art school graduate, mother, wife and as the series soon reveals, obsession of a creepy stalker.

As the Netflix limited series gradually becomes scarier, Nora Brannock's (played by Naomi Watts) style is restrained, contemporary and put-together. Layers of cashmere, scarves, cable-knit sweaters, polo shirts, wide-brim fedoras, trench coats and clean tailoring conspire with a neutral colour palette for wardrobe that one could describe as 'Clubhouse'. Personally, Mia Farrow's cultic outfits are more my bag. But if Nora was using the same internet as myself to shop, she'd be loading her cart with Khaite and The Row and Proenza Schouler and Jil Sander.

White women in cashmere? Groundbreaking. What are you going to suggest next, florals for spring? No, really though. At first, the category of dressing seems so moth-eaten and time worn, but on Naomi Watts (who is technically British, but an actor Australians love to claim nonetheless) it feels right. Kind of like seeing Cameron Diaz in The Holiday or Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give. Basically what we're saying is The Watcher could be a Nancy Meyers film if the director traded in love for horror.

So, if you've finished the series, let us take you on a guided tour of The Watcher. Although this time around our focus is not on which unhinged neighbour is tormenting this well-dressed family, but instead on the wardrobe of its lead Nora Brannock (the real reason someone would want access to 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey).

Is Naomi Watts about to swing a cricket bat? Lord knows. Here she is in a cable-knit sweater and polo shirt that has her looking like a very reputable gentlemen. Lovely stuff.


A little bit of manic energy in this one. Although you'd be arming yourself in your finest cashmere blanket too, if someone was leaving alarming letters in your mailbox.


Ah yes. A classic entry into the canon of 'stressed out white lady winds down with an alcoholic beverage'. Nora has managed to not only match her pants and sweater, but the house decor too.


A departure from cream, here we present a moodier moment from Nora with this sand-coloured sweater.


Spotted again. Nora with a glass of red. Normally I would feel quite stressed with wine that close to so many neutral-tones and expensive things, but this is Naomi Watts people! She doesn't just spill things.


A soft cream sweater with layers of gold chains. A staple in the Paddington and New Jersey. We love it when art is both specific and universal.


the watcher outfits

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every white woman needs a camel coat. That is simply a law of nature.

In any case, if you think the only person who would suit all that creamy cashmere better than Naomi Watts, is yourself, then we've rounded up a handful of pieces for you to shop just as we did for An Anatomy of a Scandal. Find them below.


KHAITE Jo Cashmere Blend Sweater


HELEN KAMINSKI Emilli Conscious in Ecru

the watcher outfits


ALIGHIERI Paola and Francesca Gold Necklace

the watcher outfits


THE ROW Cassandro Wool Pants


MOSCOT Fritz Eyeglasses


KIRSTIN ASH Golden Light Dome Ring

the watcher outfits


PROENZA SCHOULER Technical Twill Trench Coat

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