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The reign of Jennifer Coolidge has only just begun

As a tidal wave of naughties paraphernalia and personalities seep back into the culture, we're delighted to see the sugary, swollen pout of Jennifer Coolidge reemerge onto our screens. No one does sex appeal and humour in equal measure like Coolidge. And after her performance as Tanya, a flighty, cashed-up, middle-aged woman in The White Lotus, we must admit that we're hungry for more.

After all, some of our favourite throwback films star Coolidge. First entering our imagination as Stifler's mum in American Pie, then serving as the supportive Paulette in Legally Blonde (and of course there was A Cinderella Story too), we're here for her unique brand of unhinged. As it so happens, our wishes for more Jennifer Coolidge action have been heard by none other than Ryan Murphy. The American Crime Story creator has set his sights on Coolidge to play the lead in a forthcoming series titled, The Watcher.

The Watcher is based on a series of real events that gripped our imagination after The Cut wrote an article about them in 2018. Ryan Murphy will reimagine the story of Derek and Maria Broaddus who after moving into their dream home in the suburb of Westfield, New Jersey with their three children in 2014 were terrorised by a series of creepy letters signed from 'The Watcher'. The contents of these letters revealed that someone was stalking the family and closely surveilling their home.

So far, Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale from Nine Perfect Strangers have been tapped to play the Broaddus couple, while the specifics around Jennifer Coolidge's contribution is still unclear. Our guess is that she's onboard as a nosy rich neighbour. But hey, we're just going to have to sit tight to find out.

All we know is that the reign of Jennifer Coolidge is well and truly underway...thanks for that Ryan Murphy.

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