Netflix’s new film ‘The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion’ unpacks representation in the fashion industry

the remix: hip hop X fashion

After being released 2019 and winning multiple awards for the production, 'The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion' made its Netflix debut, on July 22. The fashion documentary was directed and produced by Farah X and Lisa Cortés and explores the way streetwear - a phenomenon fortified by black and brown creatives has been infiltrated by the fashion industry at large, and the impact it has had.

Predominantly championing women in hip hop, the film unpacks the monumental cultural moments that women in hip hop inevitably were part of or behind and focuses the lens on the impact specifically Black women have had on the cultural plains where hip hop and fashion intersect.

The 67-minute documentary features Dapper Dan, Mimi Valdes, Bevy Smith, and Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss and takes viewers on a journey that sheds light on the history of hip hop and fashion, serving as a reminder of the way we have viewed what is now the most popular genre in the world throughout history, and what has changed in todays landscape.

Dapper Dan explains this well, with the film touching on the past when his boutiques were raided for infringing on the copyright of luxury house names in the 1980's, to now having the opportunity to collaborate with the same brands in the present. In an interview with Revolt TV, he says, "What we need to understand is that our designs and what we do is going to be appropriated. Appropriation takes place in all cultures. But, all cultures don't get the financial and economic benefit of it. That's what's changed,".

With hip hop being a male-dominated genre, it feels only fitting for Cortés to shift the lens onto the women who were behind so many male rappers iconic looks, starting with Misa Hylton, Image Architect and Entrepreneur. Hylton explains that Hip Hop led her to fashion. She found herself imagining styling artists, and after working with Sean “Diddy” Combs on a Jodeci music video, began her styling career which lead her to be behind some of the most prolific looks in hip hop history as we know it. Another notable woman in the industry is April Walker, Designer and Founder of Walker Wear. who, after meeting Dapper Dan in his Harlem store, left inspired and wanting to recreate what Dan was doing in Brooklyn. After anonymously founding Walker Wear and achieving mainstream success, Walker came forward as the pioneer behind one of hip hop cultures most iconic brands.

When discussing her intention for the film, Cortés told Revolt TV, "We all know about the people in front. But, I love the synergy of the people who helped an artist define who they are."

'The Remix: Hip Hop x Fashion' is available to stream on Netflix now.