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We’re kind of here for the Pillow Challenge

As we’ve seen, being at home for the middle-upper class has been filled with all sorts of interesting new internet trends (and screen-time reliances). TikTok is booming, yeast for bread baking is having the best month of its life, Animal Crossing is back, as is the SIMS. As someone who didn’t own a TV, I now have one, plus a WII and a PS1. We are all passing the time indoors with as many distractions as possible, some that scream “yikes” more than others (celebrities doing handstands while taking their shirts off, for example). With emerging trends cropping up daily, deciphering what is old news (as in, one week old) and fresh enough to report on can be a tricky landscape to navigate when we are living in an internet void of viral content. One thing that hasn’t managed to pass us by, is the pillow trend.



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What exactly is the pillow trend? We still aren’t certain. The one thing we are certain on though, is that it’s hot and we’re here for it (ok two things). Now having over 190,000 posts on Instagram tagged #pillowchallenge, the idea allegedly was coined by two Swedish bloggers, wherein a pillow is strapped to your torso via belt, cinching in the waist like a mini dress (not like a mini dress at all, really). An ode to going nowhere and doing nothing, but make it fashion, we’d assume. Brands have even taken part in celebrating the challenge, Off-White being among them, as have our local faves like model and friend of RUSSH, Matilda Dods, who could probably walk to Woolworths in this slumber-themed look and manage to pull it off.



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In all, we’re happy for the pillow challenge to lurk for a little longer (much happier than we were about the celebrity handstand challenge) and are sceptical to see what may surface next. As we keep saying during these times, tomorrow might be a totally different day! In that case, we’ll be bracing ourselves.



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