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4 things to bake that aren’t bread during isolation

In case you haven’t been to the supermarket in a while and are unaware, yeast is having its most in-demand moment in perhaps all of history right now. While we spend our time social distancing indoors, it appears many of us have forgotten that grocery stores are still selling bread, and have turned to wanting to bake it themselves, whether it be boredom or necessity, we’re betting that you’ve at least considered the idea if you’re running out of things to occupy yourself with. In the event that this consideration has evolved into a hatched plan and you find yourself at the grocery store yeast-less. Here are four savoury, dough-like recipes to get you through to restock.


Onion Galette

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: pie dough is not as scary as it seems as long as it’s cold AF. For beginners, galettes are great for a shaggy, craggy, mess-of-a-thing looking dough, adding to the rustic vibe. This version comes in savoury format, and is perfect for literally any meal of the day and as a snack in between.


Saffron and mustard scones with cheddar and piccalilli

Like tiny, savoury bread loaves. Buttered for breakfast or topped with ham for lunch, these scones are a welcome, doughy indulgence in a time when we cannot take enough trips to the refrigerator. Easy and fluffy, chefs kiss!


Citrus and Poppy Olive Oil Loaf

Not savoury, but deserves to be here for its redeeming, loaf-like qualities. Who doesn’t like a citrus pound cake. Zesty, moist (sorry) and rich, this is a welcome 4pm snack. Best paired with a cup of tea and cozy vibes.



Not the English version. These American style biscuits are a fool proof way to get back to bake-sics (sorry again). buttery, flaky, and versatile enough to pair with dinner or dessert, there is essentially nothing to not like.