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Celebrities are so bored, they’re upside down

Finding out how deeply boring celebrities truly are when they have nothing to do is humbling, to say the least. Perhaps the single good thing to come out of a COVID-19, the global pandemic causing indescribable devastation is the true, unrelenting realisation that celebrities are truly as average as the rest of us and are struggling to stay occupied even in the confines of their gigantic homes.

One of the most pointless demonstrations of this we’ve seen, is a new challenge, started by Spiderman’s Tom Holland, in which one does a handstand against a wall while removing their shirt and putting it back on again (??). Holland proceeded to tag Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Harrison Osterfield. Gyllenhaal completed the challenge, giving internet fangirls quite the treat, before going on to tag his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, 50 Cent, and Hugh Jackman. Maggie Gyllenhaal has since accepted and completed the challenge and tagged one of our personal heroes, Alison Roman (!) to partake.

Jake Gyllenhaal shirt off challenge

Jake Gyllenhaal shirt off challenge

Reynolds, however, had a different reaction to such a useless challenge, posting Hollands initial video on his stories, and following up with a blunt “no.” in the form of an Instagram post (perhaps the most relatable reaction of all).



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Many people are calling the de-shirting of Gyllenhaal a global gift, I’d have to point out that the man-bun was enough to stop any form of desire in its tracks, as well as the notion that putting on a shirt successfully while upside down is enough warrant it ‘challenge’ territory.

The only person we can truly commend partaking in the challenge is US Olympian Lolo Jones, who level-upped men everywhere by putting two shirts on and finishing with a sip of wine. We salute you, Jones.



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While we’ll still be looking out for Roman’s rendition, we’d like to petition that this challenge stops there.